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6 mistakes in bathroom renovation and how to avoid them

To bring your dream bathroom to life depends on what you don’t do as often as what you do. Here you will find mistakes when renovating the bathroom and how you can avoid them.

Is it time for your bathroom renovation? Why not turn your dingy, dated room into a tiled oasis where you can relax and take a hot bath every now and then?

The bathroom is always considered strictly functional, but with the right renovations, you can turn it into a room where you actually want to spend time.

However, a good renovation can quickly go bad. Do you know how to avoid massive mistakes when renovating bathrooms?

Don’t worry, we will be happy to help you. We made these mistakes and learned from them so that you don’t have to. Read on for some of the renovation mistakes to watch out for.

  1. Form over function

When planning your new bathroom oasis, you may have ideas for all the cool things you want. You might want a double sink, an open shower, steps into your bathtub, or something else that feels a little extravagant to you.

But be practical for a second, how functional are your ideas?

Does your floor plan work for the vision you have in your head? If you have children, is the space safe and functional for them? Is something important out of your reach?

Have you thought about storage?

Have you thought about whether the space you have fits everything you want? You need the basics: toilet, shower or bath, sink, mirror and medicine cabinet, and if you are renovating, maybe a bidet (side note: are bidets sanitary? Total. We love her).

The goal is to have a nice toilet, but the toilet is first a space for function. Don’t get carried away

  1. Bad flooring

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised.

There are many beautiful ones Tiles or stone Options when it comes to your bathroom floor. Do you know which options you shouldn’t choose?

Carpet and wood.

If this led to a stunning response, we are with you. Carpeting can be cute, but it won’t withstand the moisture and moisture in your toilet. Not only that, it also collects hair and fur, which means that any hair styling or pet care is out the window.

Wooden floors look fantastic and don’t have the same problems as carpets, but they can swell when they get wet, leaving unattractive channels in the floor.

Also choose carefully for tiles and stone. There are some beautiful stone floors with rough mortar in between. This can be difficult to clean, especially if you frequently use hair dye or even colored bath bombs.

  1. Windows do not take into account

This is quick.

Is there a window in your bathroom? Is it in front of an area that other people can see from the street or their courtyards?

Make sure you don’t put your shower or bath tub directly in front of the window. You will thank us later.

Secluded windows can be a great thing. Watching the sunset in a hot bath is a wonderful experience. But wherever people can see into your bathroom is a no-go.

  1. Bad lighting

Bathroom lighting is difficult. It is in your best interest to have multiple light sources, especially if you want a relaxing space. You may want bright light in the mirror, but you don’t want that in the bathtub if you can avoid it.

What good is the lighting if you cannot reach it when you enter it? Crawling around in the dark is not ideal.

It is best to have bright and low ceiling lights in front of the mirror. This makes it easier to shave, style your hair, and take care of skin problems. It is not attractive or relaxing lighting, but it is good for your morning routine.

You may also want a ceiling light in the middle of the room or above the bath. This light goes well with a dimmer so you can enjoy the tub in soft light.

It may also make sense to attach a dimmer to your mirror light right next to the door so you can use it easily at night. Why should you be blinded by bright light when you have to get up in the middle of the night?

  1. Don’t budget properly

What is your budget for renovating your bathroom? Remember this when you start making your vision boards or talking to your renovation company.

You can see all these beautiful and expensive lLuxury bathrooms on the Internet, but how many of them are actually in your price range?

Is it worth spending half of your budget on a hot tub and simply repainting your old counters? Do you need a new and expensive luxury toilet or should the money be distributed elsewhere?

Be realistic with your budget. Plan things first before setting them, and adjust them when things are more or less expensive than expected.

  1. I try to do it alone

Are you a DIY master in your home? You may want to take a back seat when renovating the bathroom.

Renovating a bathroom is more complicated than renovating a back yard or even a kitchen. There is too much water to take into account, and a wrong move can result in you having a completely inoperable bathroom.

Working with experts ensures that you get the bathroom you want and that it works when everything is said and done.

You will probably even save money if you become professional.

If you do things yourself, don’t consider everything that contributes to a successful renovation. They don’t even have the same supplier options. It’s easy to buy the things you want, but what happens when they arrive and they don’t match your piping or even fit through the door?

It’s best to get advice from a professional renovation company to make sure you get what you want.

Avoid these mistakes when renovating the bathroom

Whether you are looking for a minimalist and functional space or a luxurious short break in the bathroom, a good renovation can be the answer for you.

These mistakes when renovating the bathroom can happen to anyone. Think of your budget, focus on functionality and don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help.

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