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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas for Every Design Style

When it comes to choosing artwork for the home, most people focus on their most important gathering spaces first. But when the living room, family room, and even the hallway are filled with lots of beautiful pieces, you’re not quite off the hook just yet. Finally, don’t forget that works of art can really shine in any room of the house! And that’s why it’s important that you don’t forget to display it in the kitchen too.

While the kitchen is a largely functional space. It’s also a high-traffic place where friends and family often gather, which means it deserves a little love. When you prepare dishes for the family morning and night and load and unload the dishwasher, you deserve to do it in an aesthetically pleasing space. Due to tile backsplashes and large appliances, you might not necessarily have a ton of usable wall space for framed pieces, but that’s okay. After all, a little art goes a long way.

Note that artwork hanging in the kitchen does not have to have anything to do with food or drink. Of course, you can go this route if you’re inclined, but in general, the artwork you might be looking for elsewhere in the house will likely look just as good in your cooking area. Do you love bright colors? Great! Do you have a soft spot for portraits? Bring it on. Below we’ve rounded up 44 kitchens with fun artwork that will help give you some inspiration as you tackle your own space.