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Beautiful Side Yard Decoration Ideas

Side yards are an often overlooked property. Long and narrow, sometimes it’s hard to know what to make of this lot. However, ignoring your side garden results in a missed opportunity. Not only is this part of your garden often visible from your interior windows, but it also serves as a convenient walkway for you and your garden party guests alike to cross. We’ve put together this collection of our favorite side garden ideas to prove that no matter their size, they’re full of potential.

When you’re making your garden plans, it’s easy to forget about the side gardens. They are often narrow and utilitarian, but also provide a pleasant way to get from the front yard to the back yard without having to cut through the house.

While we’ve already covered side garden ideas, designers are constantly coming up with new ways to maximize their potential. Here are some of the special details found on the side of the house lately.

Is your side garden being used? All too often this space is neglected, but with a custom design that uses the space creatively, this piece of land can be transformed into a beautiful and functional part of your Colorado landscape.

Add an arbor or gate.

An arbor can serve as an entrance and attractively separate the side garden from other garden areas. If the side of your yard is open to a busy street, a decorative gate can provide the privacy you need while adding to the aesthetics of your landscape.

Decorate it with permeable pavers and planters.

Decorative pavers in interesting patterns can add a whimsical or charming element to boring garden side paths. Colored gravel is another great option to add personality to this space.
Decorative urns used as planters or even fountains can brighten up the side yard while being conveniently mobile. Urns can be moved if you want to change something or need to increase space.

Water properties

The sound of running water is always pleasantly calm. Adding a fountain to the side yard is a wonderful way to engage the senses and breathe life into this space. If you can see the fountain through a window, you can also enjoy it indoors.

Green it.

Plants add vibrant beauty and also provide privacy when needed. By planting vertically on walls or fences, even narrow spaces can be used optimally. A trellis covered with vines can create a romantic walkway protected from the elements. It can run the entire length of the side yard or just be placed over a seating area.