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Tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a room

Modern design is iconic and unique in a simple way. Just like the Hardoy Chair known as the “Butterfly Chair”. It’s a mid-century chair design that we’ve seen every time in living spaces around the world. It has a story that is as interesting as its design.

Modern. The “new” reality that is loved by many and yet judged by many. To quote “New” because modernity is not that new, it has been around longer than we know, longer than the telephone, the laptop or the mineral water.

This fresh area started in the early 20’sthCentury when artists and innovators were looking for new creative ways to simplify art and design. They started by removing any ornaments that they applied to all aspects of the design.

AdditionRemodel-of-the-historic-house-in-Palo-Alto-von-Cathy-Schwabe-Architektur Tips for using the butterfly chair to decorate a room
Image source: Cathy Schwabe architecture

The “Butterfly Chair” was designed in a collaborative environment like ours by an architectural firm called “Grupo Austral” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. La Tripolina, a piece of furniture designed in 1881, was the muse in 1938 for the three well-known Argentinian designers who met as assistants in Le Corbusier’s Paris studio. Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, Antonia Bonet and Juan Kurchan.

Later than expected, in 1930, modernity was finally truly accepted in the world of furniture design. People began to admire and appreciate the simplicity of things. Since the Bauhaus movement began, the world of design has never been the same.

Today we can find different versions of the classic modern folding chair in different materials and colors such as: leather, fun replica with animal motifs, etc. Most of the best interior designers have included the butterfly chair in their furniture choices for some of the best designed homes.

The butterfly chair frame

Santa-Elena-von-NDC-Homes-Inc Tips on Using the Butterfly Chair to Decorate a RoomImage source: NDC Homes, Inc.

It’s easy to spot a poorly designed replica just by its frame. Hardoy created a welded frame out of ultra-light ¼-inch steel rods that were rounded into curved angles to create a shape that is important to butterfly wings by playing and developing the Tripolina frame made of wood and metal. Non-original models usually use differently typed steel and contain hinges or joints that do not meet the original design specifications.

Cheaper or inauthentic models may use different grades of steel and contain hinges or joints that do not match the original plan. Disappointing versions are in demand for the flexibility they offer, but they don’t do the job. The unique shape of the steel and the beauty it gives the chair play a big role in the appearance of the chair.

Butterfly chair frames were made from solid steel right from the start, so it is not impossible to switch from the vintage frame. In these cases it is normal for a traditional cover to be made, as the covers have changed so much in over 75 years that it is mostly impossible to find an almost old match. Do not forget that making a butterfly chair frame can be dangerous as not every specialist can make an absolutely hanging seat that is neither too tight nor too loose.

The butterfly chair cover

MAR-VISTA-MODERN-by-Shelby-Wood-Design tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Shelby Wood design

Argentine artisan Cuatrini from Rossi & Caruso was the first to invent the handmade sling seat. The country’s top ancient polo mount manufacturers now sell their leather as clothing, accessories, and more. Butterfly Chair leather covers stay true to their original designs, and a seductive well-known Argentine element that offers the same luxury is the skins.

Many affordable versions / varieties were made at the same time with clever options such as canvas and fabric covers that are mainly used outdoors. When this fabric is hung by its “wings” the covers resemble a hammock and adapt to the body and move with you as you move. This quality made the seats so popular with teenagers.

The fabric version with its casual design has not achieved the refined look as the leather. The butterfly chairs soon became the new attraction of the modern classic due to their versatile, distinctive design, which has not lost its spark to this day, which makes them even more tempting

Before you buy the unique butterfly chair, you should read the following:

Hill-Country-Lake-House-by-Casey-StJohn-Interiors Tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Casey St. John Interiors

  • This is not an article for you to read if you are not already the owner of an old butterfly chair. You’ll probably want to check out the button below and make yours a new butterfly chair !!
  • Use your imagination and imagine a perfect butterfly chair somewhere in your home. Amazing isn’t it? When you finish reading you will be in a better place to make that vision a reality.
  • Read on if you are looking for or want to buy new cushions for your old butterfly chair frame.

Why is everyone looking for a butterfly chair cover?

Hazelton-Lanes-Yorkville-by-Terra-Firma-Design tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Terra Firma Design

Designed in 1983, this masterpiece was mass-produced around the world in the 1950s. Millions of teenagers’ rooms around the world had an armchair. It was the ultimate armchair for teenage, long haired, rebellious kids who wanted to sit in their own way. I remember even my grandmother had one of those unique pieces of furniture that I use today. One of them most likely ended up in your parents ‘or grandparents’ room too.

It is recommended to change the cover of the butterfly chair from time to time. Because over time, the upholstery gradually loses its shine. The frame is still intact today because it is made of solid steel. However, nothing is forever and the materials are starting to crumble in one way or another and most of them are surprisingly useless today.

However, before you go into action and buy a butterfly chair cover, there are a few things to consider.

It is risky! It may not match the structure.

Cloud-Residence-by-Ana-Williamson-Architect Tips on Using the Butterfly Chair to Decorate a RoomImage source: Ana Williamson architect

By now you know that this chair is available in different versions, different materials and also different sizes. When you buy a new matching cover, it may not fit if you don’t have the correct information. It could be too small, too loose, or even uncomfortable and impossible to sit on. It is sure to lose its spark as a chair and its own unique technique.

OOPS! You bought the wrong garbage!

The-Brick-House-by-The-Brick-House Tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: The brick house

You are casually looking at upholstery because it looks and you think it is original. But unfortunately you are faced with a disappointment. As old as your butterfly chair frame is, it could be worth a lot of money if it were only polished and combined with a suitable seat, right? Unfortunately, your piece is not an original butterfly chair.

Save money by just buying leather? IMPOSSIBLE!

Perdue-Place-by-Rusafova-Markulis-Architects tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Rusafova Markulis Architects

Customers often think that the most expensive part of furniture is the leather. If only it were true, restoring an old Hardoy chair would be a lot cheaper, wouldn’t it? In fact, the frame itself is quite cheap compared to the seat. Of course, this applies at least to all covers made of the finest material.

NOT so convenient!

Palmitas-by-Falling-Waters-Landscape Tips for using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Falling water landscape

The butterfly chair is a lounge chair, which means you should lounge around as much as you want. Which also means that it should be as comfortable as possible. But not all of them are like that, as most of them are much smaller for today’s people to sit in. Maybe it’s because they were made for teenage bedrooms, or maybe because the average size back then was shorter than it is now. However, it’s a big problem with antique designs, while they look magical, they’re not that comfortable.

Whatever the reason, it is not a good idea to stress yourself out looking for a matching butterfly chair cover for your old frame.

You need good quality

CASA-ROC-by-Nook-Architects tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Nook Architects

Since you are buying a masterpiece, you should make sure that the quality of the leather butterfly chair lasts so long that the price is enough. And it doesn’t offend this unique design. For example, would you like to buy leather? You have to make sure that’s good enough. Is it vegetable tanned? Or chrome tanned? The latter is not recommended for the pattern of butterfly chair covers because your furniture may not be strong enough.

Final thoughts on the butterfly chair

Westgarth Timber Project by Ben Callery Architects Tips on using the butterfly chair to decorate a roomImage source: Ben Callery Architects

This unique design looks almost perfect in any spot you want to place it. It ignites the place, your reading nook, your coffee table, your dining room or even outside on the balcony or terrace.

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