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Tiles that look like wood and marble Porcelain tiles

Get your desired look with no maintenance Tiles that look like wood and Porcelain tiles in marble look.

When designing a house, floors offer us the largest space for designing and decorating. As one of the most practical elements of all properties, however, the functional aspects of the materials must also be taken into account. Because of all of these limitations, there are few ways to decorate the floors – brick, wood, marble, stones, metals, tiles, etc. Anyway, most of these materials have drawbacks in terms of maintenance, cost, durability, and so on further.

The solution to this problem is the use of porcelain tiles, which are not only versatile, but also durable and very easy to clean. Because of their many graphic options, these tiles can also be designed to have the appearance of a wood or marble floor.

Tiles that look like wood

Deck_Flare_25x150 tiles that look like porcelain tiles in a wood and marble look

Parquet floors are a popular style in many Italian and international households. They are easy on the eyes, show authentic intimacy and offer a caring atmosphere. The solution to get the best of both worlds is to use it Tiles that look like wood.

Refin Ceramics, based in Italy, makes some first-class porcelain tiles that are made from a hard and non-porous ceramic body and yet allow the natural patterns of wood to seep away. These tiles are an elegant addition to any setting. They are waterproof and highly resistant to wear and tear, weather and temperature, chemicals etc. They are also very easy to clean without the risk of damage.

Tiles that look like wood also offer a large number of variety, colors and sizes. You can choose from a wide selection of tiles that look like sessile oak, chestnut, oak along the way, French herringbone pattern, Hungarian chevron lace, etc. Some variants also adapt their appearance to different factors in their environment, e.g. B. indoors, outdoors, natural light, artificial light, etc.

Porcelain tile in marble look

Prestigio_Marquinia_75x150_Lucido_Book-Match_Calacatta_75x150_Lucido tiles that look like wood and marble Porcelain tiles

Marble has an appeal and elegance that has never been matched by any other flooring material. Thanks to the Refin Prestigio collection, the prestige of marbles can be easily achieved Porcelain tiles in marble look.

These tiles were designed with the look of natural marbles from quarries across Italy and Europe and are characterized by the simplicity and durability of stoneware. The collection offers a soft and polished finish to the entire range in a variety of colors ranging from marquina black to travertine beige, carrara white, etc. Porcelain tiles in marble look are also redesigns to create the look of natural marble vein patterns and swirls.

These tiles, which look exactly like marbles, offer some additional functions. They are water and fire resistant, weather and temperature resistant and very easy to clean. They also last a long time and are available in different sizes.