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What is a SAD Lamp?

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) can be defined as a type of mental disorder from which a patient suffers from in the months of winter and fall. SAD lamps are used to treat this condition. Depending on the condition of the disorder, SAD lamps can be used as the only medication or it can also be used along with other SAD medications.

If you are looking to buy a SAD lamp, use the below mentioned tips to make the perfect choice:

LED or Traditional SAD Lamps

There has been a major discussion among the experts with regards to the effectiveness of traditional and LED lamps on SAD. However, it has been found that both of them are equally effective. However, make sure that you always buy the SAD lights that are original and not a duplicate of the original. While the duplicate products are not harmful, they are not able to produce the correct light that is required for treating SAD. Thus, it is highly recommended that you should only purchase SAD lamps after making a thorough research about the brand.

Can a Dawn Simulator be used for treating SAD?

Dawn simulators can help in treating some of the symptoms of SAD, but they are not generally recommended for treating SAD. Dawn simulators do promote sleep and allows you to wake upon time, but unable to wake up on time is only a single symptom of SAD. What you can do is, you can purchase both dawn simulator as well as an SAD lamp to accelerate the treatment.

Use the above mentioned tips to ensure that you are able to buy an ideal SAD lamp for treating SAD.