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Moving On: Don’t skip these fun things before you go

According to a Dallas Moving CompanyMost people would choose not to move if they could. It is a chore to pack everything and move to an unknown place where you are the stranger. We want to avoid that.

Still, most of us have to move at least once in our lives and when your time comes there are things you can do to make the experience more enjoyable.

Like what Read on and find out!

Make photo memories

If you have enough time before moving, take photos when you hang out with your friends. Be as crazy about the camera as you can and take group selfies all over the city so you have plenty of fond memories to look back on when you land on the dumpsters in your new home. Also, don’t forget to frame some of these shots to decorate your new pad and lighten the mood.

Host the mother of all parties

Before you say goodbye, you need to host a party for all of your friends and have them at the time of your life. When you’re all together, take lots of photos and make sure you are up to date with phone numbers and emails so you can keep in touch.

While you are partying, don’t be afraid to ask some of your friends for help if you move. An epic bash creates fond memories and strengthens your bonds before you take off.

Spend time with your beast

It’s easy to get into all of the things to do when it’s time to move that you forget about your close friends. Before you head out, plan to spend a day or two with your closest friends and do all the fun things you love to do together. Go on a shopping spree and go to your favorite club for a drink and a meal that will make your nutritionist scream!

Plan for visits and short breaks

Depending on how far you are, plan a weekend and come back home to hang out with your friends. Plan these trips in advance so you don’t get busy and forget. If you’re too far away, you can connect Skype or FaceTime to each other.


Keeping a journal before you move is a great way to document the experience. Write what you did and how you feel about what is going on. When you’re feeling right, make it an online journal so you can share it with everyone.

spend money

Sure, we all want to be good with our money, but sometimes splurging is a great option when you’re feeling down. Buy expensive clothes or eat an expensive meal so you don’t have to walk. Don’t get into debt, live a little.

While To move being stressful and sad, spending time creating memories before you leave can make the process easier.