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A step-by-step guide to removing ants
from your home

A step-by-step guide to removing ants from your home

What has six legs and travels with thousands of friends? If you’ve guessed ants, you’re 100% right. This pesky bug generally won’t hurt you (although some will bite), but they aren’t welcome house guests so they have a good strategy for them how to get rid of ants is priceless.

Here we have a great resource to share with you – a clear, step-by-step guide to help you get these ants out of your life quickly. The time to act is the moment you see even one of the animals inside for the first time, as a solo ant is likely to be the boy scout looking for a source of food before inviting his family to the party.

Step 1 – Give the kitchen a thorough clean and tidy

It probably looks neat and tidy by now, but ants find crumbs, junk. This is the time to check that everything is edible is in sealed containers, all crumbs cleaned from surfaces, trash emptied, and dishes washed or in the dishwasher. Sweep the floor and mop up pool water as such ants.

Step 2 – Find your entry point

In addition to the typical open doors and windows, we also look for cracks in the walls. You may need a magnifying glass to help. To save time, you can leave out a sweet treat to attract them.

Step 3 – Track the Nest

Follow in the footsteps of your visitors and tackle the net. You need to get rid of it to avoid the ants returning if they are evicted from your home. There are many suggestions online on how to kill the nest, including recommendations for boric acid, orange peel in water, soapy water, etc.

Step 4 – Kill the trail and those left in the house

There are many organic recipes or preparations that people claim to remove the scent trail that the scout ant leaves like a paper trail to alert other ants to a food source. The entire scent path, as well as any closets, drawers, and work areas that the ants have gotten into in your home, must be thoroughly cleaned with a product that kills any ants that are still there.

You can make many of these cleaning products yourself using items from your pantry.

Here are some examples:

  • Mix water with white vinegar and spray directly on the ants as well as the surfaces used. (This is a useful spray for keeping an ant-free home in the future as they don’t like the vinegar.)
  • Mix a cup of water with a cap of liquid soap and use it as above to kill and clean up the ants.

Ant security

It’s important to keep your kitchen super clean, but what if pet food attracts you? The simplest solution is to put the cat or dog food bowl in a flat bowl with a little soapy water. The ants will not walk on the water. (Only do this if your pet doesn’t drink water either).