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Island time in the city

The city apartments offer distinct advantages of easy access to shopping, nightlife and being close to friends. While the buzz of city life is right behind your front door, escaping to your own island resort as soon as you step is sometimes very comforting. Sticking to clear, simple lines and colors forms the basis for adding bright sea tones and soft, comfortable landing sites. You can always be there with your right eye Island time while the world races hit the city outside.

Set the island stage

Take a tip from what keeps you calm on the beach and reflect those elements in your home. Your main color sources are:

  • Walls, cladding and floors
  • Furniture
  • Collectibles and curios

All walls should be white. This background sets the stage and reflects the white caps of the ocean. In light pine, soften the moldings and baseboards to resemble driftwood. Keep the soil a neutral light brown color to resemble the warm sand.

Bring out the tropical colors

The colors to be played with will have different shades of blue and green, again white and surprisingly black. Similar to how a dark frame beautifully highlights the details of a beautiful picture, black chairs and side tables highlight the delicate colors in the rest of the room. Feel free to accentuate every room with black framed mirrors and whimsical quotes Placed in black letters above windows and entries.

For side tables and coffee tables in the living room, choose white square or rectangle. This may seem serious, but the clean lines and almost chameleon-like tables that blend into the walls create a calm feeling and put your decorations and lamps in the limelight.

Finally, you’ll find the all-important pops of color in your pillow accents, table lamps, wall decorations, and some marine-themed treasures. These are the things that will attract your eye and that should work in the calm and soothing effects of shades of blue. Again, avoid too much of anything but make sure what you use makes you happy when you look at it. For example, a couple of large, teal pillows on your pale couch, black chair, or white bedspread whisper softly instead of screaming in a confusion of colors.

Don’t forget the hammock

When you look at your bathroom, the same rules apply. In an apartment, due to its size, it is often a good idea to continue the topic from room to room. This is especially true if you want to include this island effect. Work in pieces of bamboo such as bath towels or bed linen Cariloha bamboo. Not only does the word bamboo whisper, it’s environmentally friendly, naturally cool and insect-resistant, and ensures that you stay calm and comfortable while you sleep. If your room is small, keep the furniture and details as little as possible. Create a uncluttered space that will make you feel like you’re in a resort every time you go to bed.

Control over colors and objects keeps your home comfortably simple, yet elegant. Clean lines and soft landing spots give mind and body peace and quiet while the outside world continues to scream. Welcome to your own island time.