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6 trendy modular kitchen ideas for small kitchens

Small kitchens need smart space-saving ideas so you can move around without touching the corners of shelves or shelves. If your new home has a relatively small kitchen and you want to make the most of the available space, here are some trendy modular kitchen ideas that you can implement.

1. Small closets

A small kitchen forces you to prioritize your things. It will help you develop the habit of keeping the items you use most often in your kitchen. Small closets fit almost anywhere. Whether it’s under that Granite countertops or on the wall above the sink they are easy to install and keep your kitchen clean and tidy so that it looks spacious.

2. Open the shelves

Open shelves on the walls can store your necessary cooking utensils. For example, an open shelf may contain jars of salt, sugar, and other ingredients that you normally use in cooking every day. You can store soaps and utensil cleaning solutions on another shelf. You don’t have to access the cabinets every time you need an ingredient for a recipe.

3. Pot racks

Pots usually take up a lot of space in the kitchen. And since these are important cooking utensils, you cannot keep them in another room. Instead of filling your cupboards with your saucepans, make a hanging pot stand. Pot stands not only look beautiful, they also offer space for you to move around in your kitchen. Make sure you install a stainless steel pot rack that can carry the heavy jars and pans. Ideally, you should install pot racks from the ceiling so that you can hang up the pots after cleaning and they would dry quickly.

4. Mirror

Mirrors can make any room appear larger and brighter. You can already use this technique in your bedroom or salon. So why not try the same thing in your kitchen? While making room may not be helpful, mirrors can certainly make your kitchen look larger.

5. Kitchen top shelves

Taking glass cutlery out of kitchen cabinets can sometimes be risky. A moment of negligence can break the glass plates into pieces. Instead, you can install a kitchen shelf where you can store your daily plates and bowls. These racks are relatively small compared to the traditional kitchen racks, which also offer space for pots and jars. Kitchen shelf racks are supplied with protected spikes that separate the plates from each other.

6. Electric hob

A gas hob takes up an incredible amount of space in your kitchen. Replacing it with an electric hob can double the space as you can also use it as a worktop. Just make sure you clean the hob every day and don’t spill any water on it. Electric hobs They look incredibly chic and stylish and can give your kitchen a new dimension.

In a small kitchen, you have to implement your ideas precisely to put important cooking utensils in one place. You can follow the ideas above to turn your small kitchen into a cheerful kitchen by saving space.