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Storage ideas for the event that you are your house “Marie Kondoing” but do not (yet) want to give them away!

Marie Kondo has become a sensational personality due to the remarkable way she has turned crowded personal spaces and office space into neat and well organized spaces. Their disappointing advice is simple and easy to follow: first put your hands on any affiliation you have and ask yourself if it is fun and discard it if it does not. Second, once only the joyful items are left, place each item in a place where the items are visible, accessible, and easy to return. And to do just that, you need a clear memory idea for the essential remaining things.

Do the decryption by category

Marie Kondo by category means to do that Decipher your belongings by categoryfrom the simplest or least emotionally charged item to the hardest or those with the most emotional or sentimental value. For items of equal value, start with clothing first, then with books, and much later with pictures and memorabilia. For every categorical filtering you need one Storage container for this task. A large container should be fine for clothing, and you can estimate the size of the container based on how many items you need to store for each category.

A portable storage The device can be particularly useful for storage tasks that involve a large number of elements. A large KonMari-style debugging session or moving into a new house are just a few examples of where a large unit can be used.

Save the things that you want to discard

Why keep things you no longer need? If these things aren’t broken, you don’t have to break them. Finally, the things that you want to discard can be of other use. You can keep them until you know what to do with them. During storage, you need to cover these items and protect them from wear and tear, the elements and pests. Clothing, in particular, is susceptible to these elements and needs a good housing to be in good condition. You can then give these clothes to other people who are in need at the right time. If you want to make money off of the things you don’t need, you must also keep them safe and in good condition for sale. Once all the things you don’t need are lined up and stored, you can do a garage or junk sale at your desired time.

Consider your storage space

Do not forget that you do this Debugging project to free up the urgently needed storage space. Make sure your storage boxes or bins don’t take up much space and thwart the purpose of your clearing. If your office building has an outdoor area such as a garage or storage room, make sure you use the space properly. If you don’t have additional storage space, you can always use the large storage units that the things of a room are in.

Debugging projects takes a lot of time and planning because you need to go through all of your content to determine which projects are worth keeping and which should be discarded. You might be surprised, but you might actually need a large storage unit or extra large box to store all of the things that you don’t need. It would be a waste to treat these things as trash. If you haven’t made up your mind what to do with the household items you no longer need, keep them and keep them safe until you decide.