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How to differentiate between a genuine rattan armchair from counterfeit

When making purchase of a chair, you should be able to distinguish counterfeit from genuine. You could be wondering why there are counterfeits in the market while there are genuine chairs as well. This is how. When there is a good product in the market, there is demand for the same. This demand is the benefit of this chair and its makers and it is also the down pull of the same. This is paradoxical but it is real. Think of it this way, there is great market of a commodity and many people are in need of it. if you made a counterfeit of the same, it would be rarely noticed since people have trust for the original product. This is exactly what is happening to the rattan armchair and hence you should know how to differentiate genuine from counterfeits of this chair.

Reasons there are counterfeits

Counterfeits are products o opportunists. This is because they rise to share the same table with genuine since not many people can tell the difference and more so, they already have trust for the genuine product. It is until you make purchase and have the otherwise of what you expected that you will get to know what you made purchase of is counterfeit. One thing about counterfeits is that they are cheap and hence you should always be suspicious when you have the rattan armchair sold to you at a price way less than expected.

The greatest differences between genuine and counterfeit furniture

This is not only for the rattan armchair but also for all furniture. Counterfeit furniture is generally cheap and it is made in more glittery appearances that are short lived so as to attract you. Counterfeits are low quality in material and when compared closely to genuine products you can easily tell that the material making them is different. The design of counterfeits is close to genuine but there is always a mistake that you will notice if you look closely.

Countering counterfeits

The best way to counter and avoid counterfeits is to make purchase of furniture online. Online purchase is the definite form of purchase that assures you quality and gives you the chance to make comparisons independently and also make comparisons. For you to have a genuine rattan armchair, the definite place to make purchase is online.