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4 easy design tricks to brighten up your bedroom

For some of us, living between four walls can mean that little or no natural light shines through, making our living space feel monotonous and cave-like. Not exactly the warm mood that each of us imagines for our home, right? But don’t be upset, because this dilemma of the dark room is one that interior designers often face.

And this means there are many ways to brighten up your space without the headaches and costs associated with a major renovation. Here are four transformative design tips to give you the sunnier space you wanted.

1. Try white first

If you really want to brighten your space, try using lots of white. White on the walls, the furniture, even the ceiling. Why? Because not only this color was shown Make rooms appear more spaciousIt’s also great to reflect light.

White also does not absorb light in your room, as is the case with other colors. In other words, any glorious natural light that enters your new white room will be indirectly reflected back onto other surfaces, with the added benefit of darkening spots on its way.

Try adding other similar elements, including a, to take your room to the next level white bedside tableto complement your bedding and curtains. Features like glass or silver handles can add a little depth to your bedroom decor while still being reflective and bright.

2. Let it be light

If you want to light up a really dark bedroom, you have to take your lighting situation seriously. Designers agree that a ceiling light is far from enough to achieve this light. Instead, try installing wall scones next to each side of your bed. After all, these types of light are ideal for washing walls with light and for an overall brighter atmosphere. Floor lamps or table lamps can be added to reading corners to ensure that every area of ​​your room is well lit. Indeed, a well lit room is not only more welcoming, it can also improve your health.

3. Integrate a plush carpet

Wood or dark carpets can undoubtedly give any home an element of sophistication. However, there is no denying that these surfaces are striking but can draw a lot of light from any room. So if you have a dark floor, add a rug to the decor of your room.

Cream-colored carpets are a great way to break up the density of dark floors, especially in rooms without windows. And if you’re worried that a light carpet will get dirty, add a patterned version that still contains bright colors, but also gives you plenty of design options that don’t focus on dirt.

4. Leave extra space alone

Similar to how a large or crowded couch makes a small living space appear cramped, bedroom parts that are firmly on the floor can make your poorly lit bedroom appear even darker. These types of parts can block light. So it is a good idea to choose parts that are lifted by either platforms or legs. Choosing more transparent materials such as lucite and glass will reflect the light and better illuminate your room.

Find a balance

As much as you can live in a dimly lit room to grab everything and everything bright, keep in mind that, like most things, it’s important to strike a balance between different types of lighting. Even the most naturally lit rooms still have areas where darkness and shadows occur. So when decorating your bedroom for extra brightness, be sure to incorporate elements that will warm your space without affecting your style.