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The key components for creating the human cave of your dreams

When it comes to creating the male cave of your dreams, there is no one size fits all. Human caves come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and themes. The only thing that ALL human caves have in common is their purpose … it’s an escape. It is a safe place for men to really express themselves and do all the things they enjoy without judgment. actually says that having a man’s cave of your own is good for a man’s health. To be honest, a man’s man cave is really the only place in their house where they can have complete control over the decor and furnishings contained therein … why? Because no girls or women are allowed into the men’s cave! This may sound a bit harsh to the ladies, but think about it, the women have full control over the decorating of the entire home. The man should at least be able to decorate his man’s cave exactly as he wants it to.

The idea of ​​starting your man cave renovation may fill you with indescribable joy, but before you embark on this project there are a few important things you need to make sure of in order to fully enjoy this space that is entirely dedicated to you . Check out what these items are.

Essential # 1: Sitting comfortably

When it comes to sitting comfortably, no two men are alike. The epitome of comfortable sitting for one man could be a lounge chair or plush profile, while beanbag or futon could be ideal for another man … it’s all up to you!

Sitting comfortably was the first item on this list because it is the most important. Usually most human caves are used as a safe place for men to watch sports or play games, right? Yes, but not all men love sports or play like other men. It has already been mentioned that the real purpose of a human cave is to escape.

So that means that a human cave can ultimately be what he wants. It can be his escape to read in peace, and it can be his place to flee to when he needs to do his job. Whatever he needs for a men’s cave, he has to make sure he has comfortable seating, be it an ergonomic desk chair for work or the softest lounge chair to watch movies, comfort is key.

Essential # 2: Bigger Than Life Television

If you want a man’s cave, you either go big or go home! Whether it’s football Sunday and you want to invite your friends over or when Pay Per View is starting a big fight, you need a TV big enough to feel everything as if you were really there! Seeing everything in high definition is a completely different television experience!

Not only do you need a larger than life TV, you also need a TV with all the add-ons and enhancements that you get multiple streaming options. The cool thing about these add-ons is that you can watch shows that don’t come with a regular cable. And while your larger-than-life TV is just for you, these add-ons have movies that are perfect for the whole family. So when you’re ready to share your man’s cave for a couple of hours, everyone can join in on all of the fun every now and then.

Essential # 3: Personalization

First of all, everyone who enters your men’s cave needs to know that it is yours. Therefore, some personalization is required. Well, there are definitely several human cave ideas that you can follow if it suits your interests, but if it doesn’t then it is your opportunity to get creative. If you love the Chicago Bears, stick their paraphernalia on your walls all over the place. If you enjoy playing, hang posters of your favorite video games anywhere.

Your man’s cave décor doesn’t have to meet a standard to make it official. The only thing that makes a man cave official is your personal touch, when people walk in the room it is obvious that it is your man cave!

In the scheme of things

When you look at the bigger picture, comfortable seating, a huge television, and adding personal details are the main ingredients in creating the man’s cave of your dreams. You can get more granular and detailed with these three of course, but at the core, that’s all you need to get started.