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Wine coolers & wine coolers

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house. Everyone gathers here to eat, eat, smell the food while cooking, talk and pour the wine. The wine is in the kitchen and the guests want to be where the wine is. Is not it?

Of course you do.

In order for the wine to taste best, it must be properly chilled in a dedicated wine cooler. When organizing your kitchen, the best place to keep wine cooler is under the counter.

The difference between a wine cooler and a wine cooler is mainly a question of size. A wine cooler is bigger than a wine cooler and probably has a few more controls, but that’s it. For most people, a wine cooler is sufficient for their needs and these almost always fit under the kitchen counters. The best place is at the end of the island that faces away from the main cooking area or farthest from the main cooking area.

Kitchen remodeling that works

Here are some wonderful examples of kitchen remodeling that work and offer plenty of room for your wine cooler. They open up space for people to gather in the kitchen, discuss the topics of the day and drink a perfectly chilled wine.

Before you start remodeling your kitchen, however, you need to decide how big a wine cooler you really need. The baseball figure is that you should choose a wine cooler that will hold twice as many bottles of wine as you have in the house right now. If you have five bottles of wine in the refrigerator, get a 10 bottle wine cooler. This leaves room for the normal ups and downs that will inevitably take place.

Which wine cooler

The size alone is not enough. You also need to decide which brand and model is best for you. There are a few Reviews of wine refrigerators that you must read before making this decision. The first thing to understand is why you are buying a wine cooler instead of using your regular refrigerator.

Temperature control

Wine needs the right temperature to age properly. Unfortunately, for most of the foods you’ve kept in the refrigerator, this temperature isn’t right. Your wine will be happy, but the food will not. If you keep it in a separate wine cooler, you don’t have to play hopscotch with the thermostat.

Moisture control

Wine is very picky. It needs to have the right environmental conditions, but these too are different from what your food needs. The differences are just too great to be ignored. A true wine connoisseur will not take the chance to mix the two.

Room in the fridge

This is the easiest. Wine bottles are bulky and take up a lot of space. They roll back and forth. They clink and clink. If you’re not careful about taking milk, eggs, or anything off the shelf, you can throw a bottle out of the fridge and watch helplessly as it breaks on the floor.

Cooling method

There are two types of cooling methods used in wine coolers. Thermoelectrics and Compressor.


These cooling devices are based on the difference between the temperature of the air in the cooler and the air in the room. It draws heat from the air in the cooler by transferring it to the air outside the cooler, essentially dividing the difference between the two temperatures.

When the temperature in the house is set at 75 degrees, the wine is cooled moderately. When the temperature is higher, for example on a terrace, the wine can actually be warmed up.

Thermoelectric coolers have no moving parts and no vibrations. They are almost noiseless and use very little electricity.


This is identical to the compressor system in a normal refrigerator. It cools the wine regardless of the outside temperature on the setting on the thermostat. It’s a great option for long-term wine storage.

It consumes more power than a thermoelectric cooler, is louder, and can develop more vibration as it ages.

Different brands

Manufacturer brands each have their own unique properties, colors, features and guarantees. When all other things are the same, your choice of wine cooler is as it will determine the color scheme in your kitchen. On the other hand, you might want the wine cooler to stand out and be noticed by everyone. There are models for both.