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5 ways to upgrade the look of your living room under $ 100

Whether you are settling down in your new home or looking for it how to increase the house value Before a sale, improving the look of your living room can do wonders for your home. Trying to remodel on a budget can be a challenge, but luckily there are a few cheap hacks you can use to recreate your living room for a reasonable price.

Here are some key improvements you can make to improve the flow and overall feel of your living room.

Pull the connector on your wires

One way to keep everything looking clean and tidy is to get rid of the tangled cables that surround your entertainment system. While there are many ways to organize your cables and go to the trouble of hiding them, there is a modern solution called Wireless HD.

There are a few brands that offer wireless HDMI transmission for under $ 100. This is a great way to minimize your home entertainment system and give your TV a modern, floating look. If technology isn’t your thing CNET is doing a great job in recommending products and explaining the convenience and benefits of Wireless HDMI.

Add crown shape

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a room pop is by adding moldings. Your living room not only looks more complete and elegant, but can also be used for almost any budget without breaking the bank.

This is a great place to start as it can literally transform a room. It’s best to start with the smaller (and cheaper) details before investing in large paintings or new furniture. If you are looking for the best value for money, look for deals that will give you the widest cut as this look tends to have the most impact.

Secondhand scores

A beautiful sideboard or ottoman can make a huge difference in a room, as can any large piece of furniture. Unfortunately, designer pieces can cost a fortune, and cheap furniture tends to reveal its flaws after just a few months.

If you want to add a nice piece of furniture to your living room on a budget, shopping at thrift stores or even selling real estate is an excellent way to liven up your home and save lots of money. If you find something really nice, like a couch that just needs a little love, you can also invest some money in upholstering it.

Add more life

While you may not necessarily be able to control a lot of natural sunlight entering your living room, you should maximize it as much as possible. Aside from letting the sun’s rays shine through, adding some live plants to your living room can greatly improve both the appearance and overall energy in your home.

Plants are also good for your overall health as they not only freshen the air by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, but they also eliminate harmful toxins. An extensive one NASA study featured in NBC News found that indoor plants can remove up to 87% of air pollutants in 24 hours! There are many plants that can thrive in dimly lit environments and that don’t cost a lot either.

Feel the flow

One simple and extremely inexpensive way to take your living room to the next level is to simply work with what you have and improve the flow of space. If you need to avoid certain pieces of furniture to get from the kitchen into the living room, or if an uncomfortable light switch is too far away, moving or even removing furniture can be an inexpensive and easy way to maximize the comfort of you and your guests . If you can move around easily in a room, stress is reduced and you have the option of keeping your home tidy at all times.

While there are many home staging experts out there who can help maximize a living room’s efficiency and the overall feng shui of your home, these experts are usually well above a standard or reasonable budget. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable ways you can change the overall feel of your living room and home. Hopefully, this short list has inspired you to take a second look at the vibe that exudes your living room.

Before you make big investments, remember to play with what you have and look for minor fixes that can have a big impact on appearance and freedom of movement. Small changes and small additions should always come first. When it comes to swapping out the couch or TV, you know exactly what you need to complete the new, raised look of your living room.