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How much does it cost to add a bathroom in the basement?  (Replied)

Basements are a spectacular way to gain space in houses. These rooms can take on any function, from playrooms to bedrooms. However, for it to be as comfortable as any room on the upper floors, it must have a bathroom. How much does it cost to add a bathroom in the basement? It’s a good question that many owners ask themselves.

The bathroom in the basement is the only way that people who use the room do not have to constantly climb to meet their physiological needs in the bathroom of the living room. Adding a bathroom is an investment in comfort, but its location will make it difficult to do.

At a constructive level, building a bathroom always requires certain guidelines. However, since this will be underground, there will be some additions to the project that will increase costs.

We can try to reduce the budget we need when strategizing the construction of the bathroom, but that doesn’t spare us from paying for new foundations, linings, and pipe installations.

Try to check the plans of your building before you start building an underground bathroom. You may be able to use the location of existing pipes to reduce installation costs.

It is worse if we have a foundation plate. Drilling this concrete filler only for passage through water pipes and drains can be expensive.

Adding a bathroom in the basement is a good investment

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Before we discuss the costs and factors to consider when building a new bathroom, let’s describe why this is a good investment.

When it comes to money, bathrooms always live up to the expectation of paying back the investment. No real estate agent will tell you that an additional bathroom is not required. After all, nobody uses them, so it’s always good to have one nearby.

They are comfortable

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But the first advantage is of course the convenience of having a bathroom nearby where we do our daily activities. Nobody wants to have to run to a second floor in an emergency.

Even when it comes to creating bedrooms in the basement, the bathroom addition should not be missing. This provides additional privacy, both for basement users and for people on the ground floor.

A new living space for sale

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Every room that is habitable independently of the rest of the house increases the value of the entire property.

The basement is an area that is very useful but is not appreciated by many people as they consider it a desolate storage space. This perception changes immediately when you add the bathroom.

We can even carry out more ambitious projects in the basement when we have the plumbing done like a kitchen. The possibilities are unlimited and everyone guarantees a return on investment.

How much does it cost to add a bathroom in the basement? Project details

As already mentioned, a cellar has special structural needs. Basement bathroom costs are between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000In the event that we do not save on costs.

Placing the bathroom near a pipe can save some money, but usually this type of bathroom always costs between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000 more than one on the surface. This is because certain facilities and details are unique.

Drainage is one of the most common problems in basement pools. This usually works by gravity, but the sewage system may be above the basement, so we have to use other methods to remove the waste.

skilled work

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Although we may get better prices depending on the contractor, we can usually calculate an estimate based on national costs.

Workers set a budget based on the number of hours it takes to complete the project. In this way, the carpenter typically charges $ 70 an hour, while the plumber varies between $ 45 and $ 65. The electrician could be the most expensive, charging between $ 65 and $ 85 an hour, but he’s also the one who usually ends up faster.

However, the need for a contractor is almost nil when it comes to building a complete bathroom. Since the project is small, a handyman could be all we need. A handyman would save us a lot of money for different experts since their fees usually don’t exceed $ 90.

Building a strong structure

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Our new bathroom needs a strong structure to stand on. The first is to build the frame of the walls. This costs approximately $ 1 per square foot including material. This makes it easier to calculate the structure, for example, because you spend $ 1,000 for 1,000 square feet.

Now we have to cover the walls. Drywall has a significant impact on our budget as it costs between $ 2.70 and $ 3.39 per square foot. After installation, most drywall walls are prepared for painting or upholstering.

In the middle of the wooden frame, the water pipes and electrical lines are installed, and finally the excess space is filled with insulation.

New electrical systems

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The electrician is not solely responsible for the placement of the lamps. Electrical work also involves placing the necessary switches and sockets for the devices that will be used in the room.

Some houses have been prepared with available fuses, in others a new control panel has to be installed. The breaker panel doesn’t cost more than $ 100, though the installation can exceed $ 1,000.

After the electrician is certain that the building can absorb the new consumption, he will carry out the installations in the bathroom. Don’t worry about the price the professional charges, but the cost of the accessories, as a wall lamp can be more expensive than the electrician’s $ 80 an hour.

The installation must not be missing

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It is obvious that the most important thing in the bathroom is the installation. The difficulty of the project can make it up to twice as expensive as a surface bath.

A favorable estimate is $ 2,500. This is the case if there are pipes near the place where we install the bathroom and if we do not install many sanitary parts. A toilet, a shower, the sink, the drains, everything has to be connected to a pipe.

Now it’s time to determine whether we need to install special facilities to remove bathroom waste. If the pipes do not have the required slope, there is a possibility of depositing the waste in a septic tank.

Accessories ensure elegance

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In a bathroom, accessories are all useful elements that we can add, not just a mirror. For example, the toilet is an accessory.

Certain accessories such as the sink and toilet are mandatory in every bathroom. These two will depend entirely on our taste. Many options on the market adapt to every room size. However, the average toilet costs $ 350.

Our plans can include building a shower. This is ideal if we believe at any time that the basement can act as a bedroom. The cost of building the showers ranges from $ 1,200 to $ 2,000 in material and labor, while the bathtubs are cheaper because only pipes need to be installed, so we can get them for $ 700.

Tile coatings

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How much does it cost to add a bathroom in the basement? The result can vary if we only lay tiles on the floor or cover the entire room.

The panels are more hygienic than just painting the walls. These are not easily damaged by moisture and can be easily cleaned.

In general, it is recommended to install panels in the entire floor and up to half of the wall. The showers should have tiles on each side, preferably so that the water does not seep.

Most owners choose porcelain for floors. Since it is not porous, it does not retain dirt. However, you may need to place a pair of floor mats to avoid slipping when wet.

After all, this section also depends heavily on our taste. Not all tiles have the same price, although you can expect to spend more than $ 1,600 between floor and walls.

We need the storage

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You can’t miss the shelves in your new bathroom. Placing a drawer to store hygiene products is important to avoid clutter.

To save money, we recommend installing prefabricated worktops or cabinets. Another alternative are doorless shelves embedded in the wall. There are cheap countertops less than $ 200 per foot, but it is common for bathrooms to find them from $ 350.

How much does it cost to add a bathroom? – There is no exact answer

Especially when it comes to a bathroom in a basement. The budget can vary widely depending on our decisions.

Do we call a contractor or a handyman? Is it necessary to install a shower? What are the furniture we want for our bathroom? All of this means big differences in final costs.

Another element that we do not consider in the recommendations is your geographic location. There are cities where these designs are cheaper. Although we try to give you the average prices, they can be changed by up to 10% depending on where you live.

But don’t worry, you can do this project gradually. The only thing is that you have to make sure that the construction is still in perfect condition when you resume it. Otherwise, you need to do repairs before you can continue.

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