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Contemporary and rustic decor: the main differences

Our world is fast moving – especially when it comes to style. Interior trends are constantly evolving. It can be difficult to keep up.

But there is one fashion that will never go away: rustic decor. The homey atmosphere appeals to some of us – and it’s not surprising why.

Contemporary design also lives up to its name: it captures the current age through art. Perhaps that is why so many choose it as a decorative theme for their home.

How can we bring either – or both – into our living space?

Let’s explore here.


Rustic. It’s a beautiful word. But what does it mean? In short, whatever you want. Almost any decor that is aged, effortless, or natural can be called rustic.

And despite popular belief, you don’t need a country house to achieve this. Most household items can easily create a country charm.

Even something as simple as an oak chair or coffee table could be effective. How about candles to add to the rusticity of your home?

Infuse any room with natural scents and you will create a homely appeal on a number of sensory levels.


Fashion doesn’t just apply to our clothes. It often extends to the house as well. Especially if you want to stay on trend. And why wouldn’t you

Modern design represents its era – from global events to creative movements. Art is powerful – from whatever century.

The contemporary style is particularly powerful. Apply it to your house or apartment and you can reflect on the story as it is made.

True, staples like Bauhaus furniture can help. To truly capture the current time, be sure to look for posters, tea towels, and other decorative features.

Choose the elements that represent the contemporary feel and you can thoroughly modernize your home or apartment.


Rustic or contemporary? Still can’t decide? Then you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Fusion is rich in modern design.

So why not combine the two styles? That way, you can enjoy the visual benefits of both. And it may not be as difficult as it sounds.

For rustic furniture, identify classic rustic furniture – how sturdy Double wardrobes made of oak or sideboards. Back it up too, and you can update it with a contemporary twist.

How you do this is entirely up to you. If you need inspiration why not invest in a souvenir or miniature statue from a modern museum?

Identify the right pieces and you can combine these two styles wonderfully.

Internal trends can come and go. However, two seem to have lasting appeal. Both rustic and contemporary design attract a lot of people. As these tips show, it’s easy to recreate the two in your living space, or to merge both. What is preventing you from achieving your stylistic goals?