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Small houses – move in and decorate with your partner without going crazy

Let’s talk to your partner. It is exciting, entertaining and practical! Now you have someone to share your bills and tasks with. There will always be someone for you to crush these cargo bugs and open glasses for you.

Everything sounds cool and you are enthusiastic about everything – until you find that you have to decorate your little home with this special person. And perhaps the hardest part until you get to this stage: you need to bring all of your furniture, belongings, and jewelry to the new home.

Yeah, it all sounds a little awful now, doesn’t it? Well don’t be afraid because we have some smart tips and tricks to help you with that.

# 1. Find out what your aesthetic is as a couple

Don’t worry too much about your move now. The moving company will help you with this part later. What you have to do when you decide that you want to move in is Find your aesthetic as a couple.

Small houses - moving in and small houses - moving in and decorating with your partner without going crazy

Of course you know exactly how your personal style is cut, but does that fit your partner perfectly? Try to get on the same page with your partner when it comes to what your new room should look like. Remember that you will live together in a small house.

With this in mind, try to develop a coherent idea together. Start by spending some time putting together an idea board. Gather, mix and match elements of your and their decorating style for the best results. Use Pinterest, the all-powerful platform for story boards in history. Work from there.

# 2. Rinse and pack what’s left

Now that you both know what your future home will look like, it’s time for you Start washing your things. This includes jewelry as well as decorations and furniture, sometimes even clothing. You may have had the aesthetic discussion, but you will come to the uncomfortable conclusion that the new space does not fit into everything you own.

So, based on the aesthetic conversation, delete and donate anything that doesn’t match the new aesthetic that you came up with. Pack everything you think suits your new space well and move on to the next phase of your process.

# 3. Call the moving team!

Here you are, you know exactly what you want to bring into your little home, and you have everything packed and ready to go. Well, you will be very tempted to do the process yourself. In this way, however, you will find that this is associated with a lot of stress and logistics. Let others stress about your move.

The truth about professional moving teams is that they have a streamlined process and can help with the most complicated aspects of contracting. That means you don’t have to worry about calling an army of friends to help you with these boxes and all of your furniture. And you don’t have to worry about making a friend with a car big enough to actually be useful. In most cases, moving companies will also help you with the entire packaging process, which we all know how awful it can be.

# 4. Start decorating!

Small-Homes-Einzug-And2 Small Homes - Moving in and decorating with your partner without going crazy

Now that everything is set up and ready to go in the tucks of the moving team, you can actually start to redecorate your new home. A few small details can make a huge difference. Be sure to follow the tips below to maximize the visual impact of your new home decor.

  • Choose a carpet bring the room together. If you have not yet decided on the color scheme of your room, a good carpet is a good starting point. A carpet can not only determine the color, but also give more texture to dull rooms. Think of the process of picking up a carpet in the following terms. A carpet in a neutral tone works best in colorful rooms. On the contrary, if your room has no color and is simply decorated, choose colorful carpets. And please remember when choosing the carpet dimensions that the sofa does not overlap.
  • Choose art to transform your space. No matter what style you decorate your room with, make sure you include some art. As a finishing touch, good art can really transform and complete a room. Avoid the biggest mistake humans make at this stage. You choose too many small objects of art. Since they are dealing with limited space, they think this is the best approach. However, this produces the opposite effect. Small art makes your room seem crowded and it can easily be visually demanding. Go for instructional items. Make sure the artwork you choose fits the general design of your home. If your home is simply decorated, choose another piece of art that brings a touch of color.
  • Invest in large mirrors. Mirrors are incredible in small houses. When used correctly, they can add dimension to your rooms and create the illusion of a larger room. For example, small kitchens benefit enormously if you install mirrors on one of the walls. The same principle applies to living areas.
  • Use textiles wisely. If you want to give your rooms more texture and personality, pay attention to how you use textiles. Your curtainsThrowing blankets and pillows can make a huge difference when it comes to making a house feel right at home. Textiles work amazingly well when it comes to giving your home a more comfortable and cozy look. They are also great for adding more color to your room.

Moving in with your partner and decorating your first home together shouldn’t be a stressful process. So make sure that you are smart when it comes to the actual moving process. For the style you choose together, make sure that each of you can preserve some of your personal items, style, and preferences. If you plan the process well enough, it will be a breeze!