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Inspirational Patio Pergola Design Ideas

If you are looking for good ideas to decorate your patio, then you are at the right site. You must definitely pick some trending ideas instead of the old traditional methods. However, by definition pergola has no roof tops. It includes only attractive beams and poles. Transform your patio into a stunning outdoor view. Invite such a relaxing environment to your home by following one of the ideas below.Patio Pergola Design  71

  • You can have a spa like set up in your existing Pergola. A hot tub will help you and your family for a wonderful recreational purpose. Along with this, decorate the pillars with some light colored screen cloths. This forms a pleasant covering in your patio.
  • If your pergola looks too simple, its appearance can be enhanced by adding a small compartment. Here you can arrange some chairs all around and hang few vine baskets from the top portion.Patio Pergola Design  39
  • The portion in front of your house can be converted into a scenic passage. The wooden beams can be placed in line on both the sides of your walkway. Supported by the vine – topped roof which gives a cool atmosphere. The passage from your house entrance till garage seems to be pleasant.
  • You can also buy a pergola kit online. Installing it in your outdoor kitchen areas is a great idea. This makes your backyard kitchen more realistic and nature oriented. Arrange some pots in one corner and monitor it regularly.Patio Pergola Design  17
  • Place a water resistant roof at the center of your pergola and provide a curved path along the lawn area directing towards the house entrance. The central space can contain a dining table which fosters the celebration with your family.

Opt for this open structure and amplify the beauty of your patio to the next level.