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How to maximize the effect of a small backyard

Small courtyards are often overlooked, but if you think it’s right, even a small courtyard can be a great place to spend time.

Here’s how:

Fake it.

Natural grass has long been considered ideal for homeowners who want to create a beautiful garden. However, real weed is expensive and time consuming to manage. You need a lawnmower, irrigation system, edge trimmer, and all sorts of other things to keep it clean – plus the time and motivation to maintain it.

If you have a small yard, this can be a difficult commitment to justify. However, if you love looks, a small patch of artificial grass might be a good solution. It is low maintenance and still offers you the lush green that is so appealing.

Plan it out.

Some people prefer to put their garden together piece by piece to create a unique landscape. Some prefer to make a detailed plan before taking action. If you have a smaller yard, a plan is imperative. You can’t afford to go wrong. When you enter your garden, you can see the entire space immediately. So if something is not in the right place, this is immediately apparent.

Before you start planting a garden, draw everything out and make sure it is both visually appealing and functional.

Put things in pots.

Container gardens are a great idea for smaller backyards. If you want to grow vegetables but have no space for a vegetable garden or raised bed, add a container garden to grow everything your heart desires in just a few meters. You can also create a vertical garden on a fence or wall if you really want to make the most of the space.

Add hues to the containers to make your garden area even bigger, or group containers to create dividing lines or sections.

Add visual interest.

Even small courtyards can be beautifully laid out to make the most of the space. Adding pops of color and texture can make all the difference – a bright pillow on a patio chair or brightly colored flowers. You can also add texture with fallen leaves, gravel, or wood chips. If you create an inviting space, you will completely forget how small your garden really is!

You can also try adding patio cover for visual interest that doesn’t take up extra space. To attempt

Eliminate the clutter.

Even in large courtyards, clutter can ruin the overall look. But then it’s even more important to be clutter free when your garden is smaller. Think of it this way – would you like to step over children’s toys and dog chews to find a place to relax? We don’t think so. Your friends and family won’t either. Add a toy box or basket to the patio area and make sure everything is there that should be in the shed – if you have one, of course.