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Enjoy the elegant woven wood shades

Woven wooden shades are environment friendly and made of 100% organic material. They are made of soft fibres like jute, hemp and flax, apart from the traditional bamboo or wood. These soft fibres impart softness, elegance and style to your room, drawing hall, balcony, terrace or any place for that matter.woven wood shades  76

There are numerous benefits to such woven wooden shades. These shades give a green, eco-friendly home since it is made of renewable resources like bamboo, jute, hemp etc. They help in blocking out harmful utraviolet rays when completely lowered, as they are paired with a liner. For absolute light control and ultimate privacy, these semi-transparent window shades can be paired with a blackout liner.woven wood shades  80

Woven drapes and panels can be coordinated with these woven shades in rooms with both windows and sliding doors. These shades are available in the market in different operating styles like bottom-up, top- down and roller shades. For additional safety and convenience, they can also be motorised. Furthermore, wireless and cordless operation systems for motorised shades are also available in the market now.woven wood shades  81

There are various styles in which these woven shades are available like Standard Roman shades, Looped Roman style and hobbled waterfall style. Standard Roman style gives a clean, classic look and rolls evenly with flat folds, while the looped style has billowing soft loops made of natural material and gives a dimensional look and the waterfall pattern hangs from the front headrails and gives a clean look. These shades are also available as sliding panels which can be made to open as one-way draw or free moving panels. These shades give a cool, elegant and neat look and are available in versatile and neutral colours to bring a warm and earthy feel to your home or office. It also gives a tropical feel with its rich and distinctive texture.