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How to take care of linen curtains?

Linen basically consists of flax threads. Cotton fabrics soil often in comparison to linen. Hence, it is best to opt for linen curtains in your homes although these are a little more expensive in comparison to cotton curtains.

Washing of linen curtains is done based on whether it is unbleached, colored or semi-bleached. Unbleached linen curtains should be washed with washing detergents that are free from optical brighteners. Linen fabrics have high tensile strength and high abrasion resistance when wet. Linen curtains must be washed gently if you wish that they last for several years. Make sure that the temperature of the water being utilized is around 60 degree Celsius. If you exceed to temperature to make than 80 degrees then it can reduce the strength, shine and the elasticity of the fabric.

Thinner curtains should be washed more gently in comparison to thicker linen fabrics. If the design is delicate, then place the curtains in a net bag to prevent the wear and tear when placed within a washing machine. Linen curtains must never be washed along with fabrics of dark color. It is best to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer when you have colored linen curtains.

If you aren’t washing the curtains in a washing machine, then make use of a thermometer to check the temperature. Dyed and natural linen shouldn’t be dried in intense sunlight. Do not place the wet curtains over one another. Care should be exercised while folding the curtains for storing when not in use.