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Intelligent room distribution with TV lifts

Progressive automation Take the dominant place in saving the interior. They are practical for watching TV in the bedroom or living room and not disturbing customers with the space-consuming dimensions of the TV monitor. They are also of good service for bars and restaurants that use shows to get customers’ attention.

Gone are the days when the only upgrade you could give your TV was Installation of antenna television. You can automate your TV today!

Safety functions of motorized pop-up TV lifting systems

In addition to the obvious space saving, the hinged TV lifts offer safety functions. They hide your TV monitor in a reliable closet, a niche in the wall or on the ceiling, and prevent dust and other mud from covering it when you cannot see it. If you have children that you don’t want to leave alone with a large LCD display, the TV lift for a dropdown monitor is the perfect solution. With this system you can get rid of the fear that your children could injure themselves while playing.

Smart TV lift for office implementation

Accepted by the home implementation, the motorized drop down TV lifting systems will be actively installed in offices. First, they save space, which is sometimes invaluable for office space. Second, this technology eliminates the likelihood of someone accidentally pouring tea on expensive TV or pushing it during a regular meeting. Third, the dropdown TV lifts for monitors also have an image component. Since this technology is still not being used everywhere, you have the opportunity to impress colleagues, partners and guests in your office. Show different presentation materials or conduct video conferences with a TV monitor system that can hide your monitor behind the ceiling or behind the wall, and your audience will not remain indifferent.

Design solution for every interior

The remote-controlled drop-down TV elevators offer the highest level of comfort and convenience. With a single push of a button, the display is pulled out of up to 95 inches from special furniture. The classic, simple design in black is combined with any interior. The minimalist style, such as the style of a loft or country, will be compatible with this automated lifting technology for a better interior. The motorized TV elevators allow their customers to elegantly integrate the TV monitor into any room in the home and office to make the boldest of design decisions.

Motorized TV lifts are ideal for displays and TV monitors up to 95 inches in size when the screen is not needed all the time. The free space for home theaters, meeting rooms and conference rooms has priority. The design of these dropdown TV lifting systems makes them extremely easy to install in both home and office environments.

Materials used for construction

The rigid steel construction and the light metal alloys for parts enable TV lifting systems to withstand serious loads and complicated environmental conditions such as moisture and vibrations. Powerful, high quality, reliable, and noiseless actuators provide excellent performance. Intelligent control units enable the use of remote controls. All cables are masked in the holder. Equipped with standard cables: AC 220V cable, coaxial cable TV antenna, HDMI cable. Customers only need a niche in the ceiling to install the elevator. This TV lift is compatible with all smart home control systems. Different product models such as TY-05-30, TY-05-40, TY-05-50 can raise the TV monitors with a diagonal of up to 55, 75 or 95 inches. All models have an output power of 24 V and support IP20 protection (protected against touch by fingers and objects over 12 millimeters).

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