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Christmas decorations: a return to rustic

It’s never too early to think about the holidays. For the enthusiastic decorator, the Christmas season is an exciting time to get creative with different design schemes. The contemporary Christmas scheme is one for the minimalist; soft earth tones and neutral pieces adorn the modern tree and form the basis for the decency of the season. Filling a house with Christmas joy is an exciting process. Creative ideas for decorating your dining table, tree and coat let the Christmas spirit invade every corner of your home.

This holiday season is calling decorators to get back to the rustic. Give your home a natural Christmas aesthetic with soft textures, earth tones, golden lights, and unique pieces. Give a rustic touch to every detail from the tree to the packaging. Balsam Hill offers a wide range of decorations to give your home a natural feel.

Go rustic this holiday season

Turn things up with a rustic design scheme this holiday season. Rustic Christmas decor gives the house a subdued Christmas mood with pronounced elegance and warmth. A rustic atmosphere is welcoming and soft, but without compromising on sophistication. With reclaimed wood used as the base for desktop chargers and ornament accents, your home will breath the atmosphere of nature. When you use the seasonal greens for table accents and packaging, the little details get earthy. With a rustic palette, your home will be the warm, cozy and stylish oasis for the holidays. Here are some ideas on how to give your home a rustic Christmas feel.

The dining table

The dining table is the center of social activity during the vacation. A place where family and friends communicate, eat, chat and laugh, and focus on your table setting is never a bad place to decorate your season. Of all the designs, rustic tables offer a warm and inviting space for communication. A great way to give your table a rustic feel is to use the gold, cream and green color scheme. Choose a place setting that combines white and gold with a wood charger for a smooth, rustic feel. Use greenery as the centerpiece and set the table with candles.

The tree

The tree is at the heart of any vacation design. Choosing a rustic design for your tree will transform your living room into a cozy getaway. Bring the natural charm of the forest into your living room this Christmas. From burlap ribbon to wooden ornaments to soft golden lights, your tree will shine in holiday magic. An artificial tree is a great choice to support the weight of wooden ornaments. In addition, artificial trees allow you to choose a shade and shape that best suits your design needs. You can choose from a wide range of artificial trees in the Balsam Hill Outlet

The gifts

When it comes to decoration, it is important that every detail matches your design. Gift wrapping is no exception. While extravagant ribbons and bright red tones are favorites for traditional gift wrapping, you can add a rustic touch to your gifts. Gifts wrapped in brown twine-tied paper and accented with a piece of green are a great way to give your gifts a natural aesthetic. You can even line up your stairs with gifts for extra decoration.

Every year decorators look forward to the new design trends of the Christmas season. This year is a return to Minimalism– an appreciation for the tree-like beauty of the pine. This holiday season, expect to walk into many of your friend’s houses and see bare pine trees adorned with geometric ornaments accented in golden light.