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7 ways pests are draining sweat from your home

If you own your home, you can make changes and improvements that will add value to your property and make life more comfortable and practical.

These are good things, but it takes hard work, energy, and money to transform your home from what you bought into the vision you have.

Unfortunately, there are many hurdles along the way that can prevent you from achieving your goals or enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Pests are one of the things that can ruin equity that has been so hard to get. As you read the following, you will see why you need the number of a good Exterminator at hand.

  1. Decking

There is no doubt that decking is a great addition to any home. You can chat or just relax. A deck will likely add value to your hole, but only if you take care of it.

Unfortunately, it’s an attractive option for a number of wood-boring insects such as carpenter ants, bees, and even termites.

Use treated wood and regular maintenance to prevent this from happening.

  1. Chimneys

If you are lucky enough to have a chimney, you can use the fireplace or add a wood stove. They’re attractive and a great selling point, but it’s also a great entry point for any flying insect.

Make sure you have a fireplace lid to prevent this from being a problem.

  1. Electrics

Rewiring a home is a messy and tedious job that is best left to the professionals. Even if you don’t rewire, it’s worth getting an inspection as it will highlight any broken wires.

This is a sign of a pest problem and the cause of many unidentified fires.

  1. Foundations

Your foundations are vital in supporting the home you live in. That is why you need to pay special attention to them and get rid of cracks as soon as they appear.

Cracks let pests into your home and create larger holes that are more difficult to repair.

  1. Bridging

Sometimes a new roof is essential, sometimes it’s just a good idea. However, trees that are too close to your roof offer pests easy access to your house and can ruin your roof from the inside and outside.

Not only does this hurt your equity, it can ruin your hard work.

  1. Bleeding

Vents are an integral part of your home, they allow air to move under your house and they are part of it Your washing / drying machine. However, every opening is a potential entry point for pests.

Make sure that all vents are sealed around the edges and that a fine mesh is spread over them. This prevents pests from entering.

  1. Gutters

Finally, you should consider your gutter. When the gutters become clogged, you create houses for pests and even stagnant water that can attract mosquitos.

If you are concerned about pests, this is a good idea Find out more about how to eliminate them and prevent them from bothering them in the future.