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This is how you make your above-ground pool winterproof

Your above-ground pool should remain functional even when the temperature drops. Keep in mind that it will take a night for ice to form on the surface of the water. Do you know what this means? Well, it means that sooner or later you will be dealing with cracked resin and plastic parts of your pool.

So planning really makes sense. After all, like this article published on Lintons In The Garden says an above ground pool is a significant investment that needs protection.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to do to prepare your pool for the winter.

Prepare the supplies

First, buy a winter kit. Also, make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle the number of gallons in your pool. Of course, you will find it easier to winterize your pool if you maintain it regularly.

Additionally, be sure to work with your local utility store for helpful tips on closing your pool. Wintering in Southern California, for example, is very different from wintering in New Hampshire. In other words, the procedure will depend on the climate of your area and the type of above-ground pool.

Test the pool water

After installing the accessories, it’s time to test your pool’s pH and alkalinity. The idea is to adjust them accordingly. Why is that so important? A sensitive pH in your water by the time it closes means you will discover a smelly, murky green swamp a few months later.

Adapt the chemicals to the characteristics of your test kit. Also keep the filter system open until it closes.

Get in and clean

Use a telescopic skimmer (that comes with a net) to remove debris from the bottom of the pool and from the surface. Clean the seed pods, branches and leaves. Then vacuum your pool while following your company’s instructions Model and brand of the pool cleanuh. At this point it is important to note that your vacuum should be for above ground pools.

Clean the walls and floor as it is difficult to remove the residue in the spring. You can use a brush to remove any dirt on your vacuum that is not strong enough. A brush is useful for areas such as bays, ladders, floors and steps.

Check for leaks

Check your pool for leaks inside and out. If you discover a leak, contact the pool manufacturer for advice on how to repair it.

Use the winter kit

Open your kit and read the instructions. Be sure to turn off the engine before you start cleaning the filter. Point the handle towards the backwash so that you can immerse the device in the skimmer. You can also pour the skimmer in an oxidizer based on the characteristics of your kit.

Let the cleaner and detergent circulate evenly in your pool for a few hours.

Remove the parts

You can consider removing some components of your pool depending on the climate of your area. Start with large fixtures such as ladders and steps before doing small installations. When those are no longer in the way, dry the accessories for storage.

Emptying and storage

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when emptying your pool. Pay attention to how and where you want the water to drain. Also, familiarize yourself with the city’s laws on how to empty your above-ground pool, especially if you’ve treated the water with chemicals.

Experts say you should sprinkle baby powder around your pool to prevent vinyl from sticking together. Fold the line to avoid wrinkles before placing it in a dry place for storage. You should store the small components with the filter pump and manual at room temperature.

Close the pool

It is now time to put the lid on your pool. Insiders recommend placing an inflatable air cushion that can float on the water. In this way, the pillows prevent the formation of ice during frost. Use a cover for your brand of pool to make sure it sits snugly over the water.

Final thoughts

You can cover your pool and hope that all is well in the spring. You need to take the necessary steps to overwinter if you want to keep using your pool for years to come. If you are new to pool work or are short on time, work with an experienced service.