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What you can do to redesign your bathroom

Does your bathroom look a little dated? Is it old, leaking and needs to be replaced? Or is it just not right for your needs and lifestyle? If this sounds familiar, then you are probably thinking of replacing your bathroom suite.

If you have any idea what you want, great! However, it can be difficult to figure out what your next steps should be – do you want a bath or shower? Should it be a freestanding bathroom? Or a closed shower cubicle?

Here are some ideas to think about when considering options for your bathroom. These classic and contemporary looks will look great in your home in the coming years.

Bathroom design and color

Have modern bathrooms minimal use of color – usually neutral, white and black – with some accent marks. These can be bright colors or natural surfaces such as stone or wood. Regardless of whether you take a bath or a shower, the sink and toilets are usually the same color. These are usually white, although many people may choose to be a little more adventurous with designs.

It is popular to have sinks in countertop countertops as these offer a number of advantages over standalone units. The additional space means more counters are available and objects are less likely to fall into the basin.

Toilet tanks are not particularly attractive to look at, so many choose to have them in a hidden unit. In many cases, this can mean that you get even more useful counter space for your bathroom.

Floating units

Bathrooms are traditionally some of the smaller spaces in our homes, so there’s usually not a lot of free space. However, there are solutions that can help you maximize what space can now be used. One of these is to hang and leave basins and toilet units on the walls more visual space. This solution also offers ergonomic advantages, for example, because people can stand with their feet directly underneath the pool. It also makes cleaning wet areas easier.

Bath or shower?

Your decision is based on your circumstances. Do you have baths, showers or are you satisfied with them? When you take a bath there are many options that you can choose from. Freestanding tubs are popular options, either with claw floors or as a floor tub, which gives you many options for shapes. However, many still choose closed baths.

Shower stalls take up less space, but more people are looking for an open bathroom look Wet rooms. They open smaller bathrooms and give them a contemporary look.

Design and installation

If you are having your entire bathroom renewed, it is best to contact a bathroom design and installation specialist unless you already have experience. Here They can get advice on what will work best with your space, what’s popular now, and what to do with your budget. You also don’t have to worry about the installation as you have experts who will install your new bathroom to the best standard.