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How to clean fireplace doors to look flawless

Preserving a fireplace is a daunting task, but there is nothing better to fight the cold days. In addition, a fireplace dramatically increases the value of our home. That is why we have to keep it in optimal condition, from the boiler to the accessories. Today we’re going to show you how to clean fireplace glass so you can see through it perfectly.

Glass doors are an effective way to hold the gases and dirt that result from the fire caused by burning wood. However, like any surface, crystals tend to fog over time and turn the crystalline doors into a dark curtain.

Homemade substances and regular cleaning should be enough to avoid stained glass. It doesn’t matter whether it’s thorough cleaning or routine maintenance, as the tips below make this task easier.

Cleaning the fireplace glass – different methods

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Before using any of the following methods, you must disassemble the fireplace glass doors. To prevent damage (and soiling of the floor with soot), place it on a blanket or cloth. Since there is likely to be a lot of dust when cleaning, it is best to do the work outside the house or in the garage.

Avoid using your fireplace for at least a day, otherwise you may get burned if you try to remove it from the frame.

To avoid cleaning requiring special products, it is best to perform constant maintenance to prevent soot from building up and sticking to the glass. No matter what type of door we have, this is a tip that works with all soot cleaning processes.

At times when we use the chimney most often, it is best to clean it every 2 weeks. If you rarely use the fireplace, you should try to clean the glass doors when you are not using them so that dust does not accumulate.

Use the chimney’s ashes to clean it

Chimney ash How to clean chimney doors to look flawless

It sounds ironic, but the secret of our first cleaning technique is to use the ashes made by our fireplace as an abrasive. To do this, we only have to light it a day before, wait for the embers to cool, and collect the ashes when we clean the used stems.

ash1 How to clean fireplace doors to look flawless

To use it as a cleaner, we need a rag or newspaper. Moisten the utensil slightly and fill it with ashes. Try using circular motions to loosen the soot in the crystals.

If the cloth or newspaper gets dirty, you should clean it or replace it with a new one. This technique is perfect for removing soot that sticks strongly to the crystals.

ash2 How to clean fireplace doors to look flawless

Once you’ve removed the difficult dirt, all you have to do is remove the rest with a glass cleaner to give it a flawless and shiny finish. For this phase, it is advisable to use a paper towel.

How to clean fireplace glass with vinegar

Vinegar How to clean fireplace doors to look flawless

Vinegar is the universal substance when it comes to homemade cleaning tricks. With glass, the only disadvantage of vinegar is that it can stain if we don’t clean it well.

Vinegar should be applied with a sprayer. For cleaning we need a good number of wet towels, preferably cotton.

For the cleaner to work properly, we first need to make a mixture of ammonia and vinegar that is diluted in water. The amounts are 3 cups of warm water, 1 vinegar and a tablespoon of ammonia. This mixture works not only in glass, but also in ceramics and plastics.

Essig1 How to clean fireplace doors to look flawless

Apply a layer of the mixture to the entire glass door and let it rest for 30 seconds. The dirt and soot stains should come off. To remove the product, rub the glass in a circular motion with a cotton cloth.

An alternative to ammonia is to use corn starch. To do this, use a reduced amount of the ingredients that remain in 2 cups of warm water, a quarter cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of cornstarch. Use this mixture if you don’t have ammonia or if you don’t want the cleaner to be so abrasive.

Toothpaste also cleans crystals

Toothpaste How to clean fireplace doors to look flawless

Would you like to know how to clean fireplace glass? If you are looking for an economical and ready-to-use alternative, you should try toothpaste. As with teeth, this cream removes even the most difficult stains (with the help of a brush).

In contrast to other cleaning agents, toothpaste is not as aggressive when cleaning, so there is no risk of irreversibly soiling the glass. Another advantage is that it is a product for everyday use. So it’s cheap and most likely in your home.

In order for this to work, it must rest for 15 minutes in the area where we apply it. Use a soft cloth, preferably made of cotton, for the application.

Toothpaste is also perfect for filling and polishing the smallest cracks in the glass. Just make sure you finish the job with some glass cleaner for a professional finish.

Brown spots are the most stubborn

Chimney glass cleaner How to clean chimney glass doors to look flawless

Over time, a number of brown spots can appear on the crystals. These are not as easy to remove as soot because they are discolored due to the carbon emitted by the fire.

We need a chimney glass cleaner to remove them. You need to make sure that you buy one made for cleaning wood fireplaces. Avoid using Windex or ammonia-based products if you want to remove brown stains. Both options are ineffective in removing carbon and can even react negatively with the stains.

The first step is to get a dry cloth on which the cleaner can be poured. These usually come in pasta and fluid presentations. Refer to the product manufacturer’s instructions to find out how much you will use. Do not place the glass cleaner directly on the fireplace glass.

Fire Glass Cleaner How to Clean Fireplace Glass Doors to Look Perfect

Apply the required amount of glass cleaner to the brown stains and let them sit for 30 minutes (or longer, depending on the product) to remove them.

After the time has elapsed, remove the paste with paper towels. Use a circular motion that runs from the center of the crystals to the sides. If there are any remains of the cleaner on the door edges after cleaning the glass, remove them with a swab.

It is best to prevent dirt from accumulating

clean chimney doors1 How to clean chimney doors to look flawless

Perhaps more important than knowing how to clean fireplace glass is to understand that with constant maintenance we can avoid repeating this tedious task frequently. Here are some tips to keep the fireplace windows clean for longer.

  • Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent soot from building up and then not being removed. The time between cleanings depends on the use of the fireplace.
  • Only burn seasoned hardwood. This type of wood produces less smoke when burned, so we have to clean less when it is consumed by fire. Do not burn paper, wet wood, coal, garbage or the like.
  • Keep the chimney vents clear so that the fire burns properly and releases all gases to the outside.

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