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What functions should you look for in construction cameras?

The labor shortage is an industry-wide problem in the construction industry. Statistics show that between 2006 and 2011 40% of construction jobs were lost due to a recession.

Related figures also showed that 56% of builders reported suffering from the negative effects of labor shortages. A great way to fix the shortage of workers is to use Construction cameras.

Construction cameras support companies in demonstrating projects and visualizing their progress for customers. Time lapse cameras also offer a number of security benefits thanks to their ability to cover and monitor large areas such as construction sites.

Like any technology, construction cameras are a dozen, and choosing the right model for your processes can be challenging. Scroll down to learn more about the key features of a construction camera.

Excellent live viewing capabilities

Live viewing can be effective and effective in a variety of contexts, including security monitoring, tracking progress, and ensuring efficiency. Note that accidents in the construction industry are fairly common, with around two deaths a day.

Keep in mind that employee death or even injury costs companies OSHA fines of approximately US $ 126,749. By choosing construction cameras with live viewing capabilities, businesses can minimize injuries by identifying and correcting problems immediately.

Live viewing also helps construction companies provide real-time updates to subcontractors, customers and other stakeholders. This assures major parties that their investments have been taken care of.

24/7 security recording

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates that construction companies lose about $ 1 billion a year from equipment theft. To make matters worse, only 25% of the stolen items are found every year.

Copper pipes, generators and steel are attractive raw materials for thieves due to their high resale value. For this reason, you should look for construction cameras that offer automatic video recording around the clock in a 7-day loop.

This feature allows you to download or watch HD video clips from the Internet in the event of an incident. Also, consider the bandwidth capabilities and make sure that recording is supported 24/7.

Custom time lapse

Always make sure that the camera is equipped with custom ones Time-lapse functions to ensure high speed or slow motion cinematography. Time lapse also helps in effectively determining the identity of intruders as it can process every shot clearly.

In addition to the security benefits, the custom time-lapse can also be used to strengthen the marketing strategy of construction companies. In general, time-lapse is able to record years of work material and tell a compelling story without the need for massive production costs.

Time lapse can also help highlight high quality construction work, increasing the company’s chances of winning new customers.

World class integrations

Make sure that the construction camera also has Apex system integration to ensure seamless data connectivity. Integration compatibility also minimizes errors and blurry images, which improves both the company’s internal workflow.

The use of an integrated camera ensures that important data such as photos and still images are stored in a central location. Studies have also shown that integration can increase productivity, reduce IT wasted time, and create a work environment that’s ripe for excellence.