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How to decorate canopy beds?

Canopy beds were immensely popular during the medieval period. These are still considered to be a symbol of opulence. By decorating canopy beds creatively, these can be converted to symbol of art and luxury. Canopy beds have a wonderful history to trace. These basically possess traditional design as these were mainly used by the elites of Europe.

While decorating canopy beds, you can consider placing panels. The design can be softened with the use of sheer fabric. Boldness can be imparted with the use of textured or heavy fabric. You can consider surrounding yourself in a soft glow with the placement of appropriate lamps. String lights can be wrapped on the beams of canopy beds.

You can simply hang these around to create a magical haven. To have a blend of functionality and luxury, you can consider attaching large rings to the fabric panels. These rings can be fastened to the bed frame for the effect. You can make use of tassels, ribbon, rope, fabric or any decorative rope in order to tie the panels to the bed posts. These offer easy access and also look elegant.

You can amp up your canopy bed by including some unique character such as hanging decorations at the cross beams, ceilings or from the bed posts. This will add an additional punch to your canopy bed setting and make it interesting as well. Do not shy away from including decorative stars, floral ribbons, dripping crystals, chandeliers, paper lanterns and beads. This will further solidify the theme of your bedroom.