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Give your trunk a touch of creativity

Storage cases are unique items in that they are of great use for stowing things around your home that need to be kept out of sight and are also needed at different times. In addition, various types of storage cases can be used as seats, decorative pieces, and even tables.

Your aesthetic quotient is not only a useful item, but can also lead to storage cases becoming attractions in your interior. There is no shortage of creative storage suitcase ideasIncludes vintage style decoration ideas. Right away, let’s dive into some ideas that can come in handy when improvising with the storage cases for you:

The trunk of the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, a storage case can be used to hold bedding, blankets and pillows. It could be placed next to a bed. It could be an end to the bed case. If there are two single beds, you can place a vintage suitcase at the end of the two beds.

A storage case as a coffee table

A storage case can be used as a coffee table. It could be placed directly in the middle of your living room and thus serves as a magnificent attraction, an elegant addition to the decor there. If it is a small square trunk, it can complement larger pieces of furniture in the room. In fact, a trunk can also function as a console table. You can simply buy an item cheaply, renovate it and turn it into a beauty, a joy forever. To increase the height, you can add a wooden base or put two trunks on top of each other.

How do I decorate a trunk coffee table?

An old vintage suitcase often doubles as a coffee table in your living room. Regardless of the color, a vintage coffee table can increase the attractiveness of your living room. When it comes to table decoration ideas, books, vases and framed photographs can provide the associated aesthetics.

Whether it’s a traditional setting or a modern setting, you can make changes to a coffee table and change the tone and aroma, so to speak. Try using contrasting colors when facing the coffee table against the seats. A room that is mostly black and white can look more noticeable with a black vintage trunk placed somewhere near the center. Acrylic paint can be used to brighten the table.

How to paint a storage case

In case you don’t like the shade of a vintage coffee table, you can paint it. So you can renovate an old trunk so that it is synchronized with the interior of your house. When painting old suitcases, be sure to remove the hinges or tape them. When you remove the hinges, you get two units, the top and the bottom. Place the tape on the metal parts that cannot be removed at all. Also, cover the curved parts of the trunk with duct tape. Clean and dry the trunk with a sponge, detergent and warm water.

Check if you need to use a primer. Pour the paint into a paint pan before proceeding with the first coat. After you are done with the first coat and there are areas without paint, you need to do a second coat. After the second coat is dry, it is probably time to apply a varnish that will protect the trunk from the elements.

What to do with old steam boxes?

Do you want some ideas for steam boxes? Yes you can Turn an old steam box into a bench or coffee table. It can also be used to display old quilts and toys, especially the vintage variety. Or you can store all kinds of decorative items there. After you’ve polished it and built in shelves, you can even use it to store books.

Use a trunk as a bedside table

A trunk near the bed can also be used as a bedside table.

A storage case as a decorative piece

A vintage trunk can simply be used as a decorative piece and not as a coffee table, bench or bedside table. It can be strategically placed as a feast for the eyes of everyone. The old can be blended with the new by arranging a beautiful vintage trunk in a living room with a modern feel.