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More than shiplap: your guide to modern peasant style

According to the popular broadcaster HGTV, which deals with interior design, there are some three basic principles Everyone should bring the furnishings of their house with them: function, mood and personality.

No wonder the country-style interior is so popular! It integrates all three smoothly and stylishly.

The classic 20th century peasant style has been modernized, adding chic simplicity to an otherwise rustic look. This balance makes the country-style decor perfect for any house, from the country to the big city.

Read on to find some of our best tips and tricks to transform your home in a country style.

Keep it simple and practical

The country-style decor is rooted in a practical story. We can combine country-style interior design with cluttered, cheesy decor that covers the walls and shelves, but that’s a product of recent stylistic choices.

In an actual farmhouse, everything should serve a purpose and pass the test of time and heavy use. Dainty or fragile things don’t do well in homes full of children and pets!

Instead, choose some statement pieces that you absolutely love and use the rest of your space to display items that you actually use. Find a balance between vintage or antique goods and elegant modern pieces. Overall, try not to overcrow the walls or shelves.

Because the modern look of a farmhouse is so simple, it’s a good choice for developers who want to stage a house to increase their price. Design companies like Anna design can tackle the look for you to create your buyer’s dream home!

Do it naturally

Don’t give your country house style an over-organized or over-calculated look. This can detract from the casual and open vibe this style seeks to achieve.

And for those of you who love a place for everything and everything in its place, don’t worry! You can still create a master plan for your design and run it in a T as long as it looks natural.

Think about asymmetry. If your armchairs and couch are perfectly U-shaped, counter this mirror effect with a gallery wall or a floor lamp that compromises the perfect balance without disturbing the harmony.

Or play with economical, tastelessly unsuitable furniture. Perhaps you surround your dining table with chairs that do not match or combine two armchairs with different upholstery. Find a way to play with texture and color that breaks up the uniformity of space but doesn’t create visual cacophony.

Use organic materials

Organic materials are a must in country style homes. That means wood together with a hint of wrought iron, granite and porcelain!

Reclaimed wood or shiplap can create the perfect accent wall that gives your home a rustic feel. If your house is carpeted, pull up the carpet and let the wooden floors shine!

If you are concerned that all of this wood will make the room too dark, consider using a light stain or even white or light gray paint to tone down the darkness. A great way to lighten your walls without hiding the beautiful wood is to use a dry brush technique to get a nice highlight.

Before you get excited about natural materials, decide which elements of your design should be rustic and which should be modern. If you go too far with the wood, you will live in a log house! If you put too much strain on granite and porcelain, you may get a design that looks far more classic and Greek than the South American one!

Stick to natural textiles too. For example, use burlap tea towels in the kitchen and 100% cotton sheets in the bedroom!

Bring an authentic barn feeling

To really add to the charm, bring pieces and furnishings inspired by the barn!

Exchange your dining room chandelier for antique style lanterns. Install a large, basin-shaped porcelain sink in the kitchen. Divide the common areas such as the dining room and living room with beautiful sliding doors.

These handpicked pieces give authenticity and personality to the entire room!

Don’t forget the modern feeling in your country house design

Modern design is all about straight, clear lines and strong colors to draw the eye into a neutral tinted room.

What both modern and rural design have in common is openness and light! Boost the natural light in your home by removing drapes and drapes and letting the sun fill every corner.

If you’re not sure what to do with all of the open space, fill it with plants! You can even play with the union of modern and rustic styles by combining rustic planters like vintage watering cans with modern planters that are boldly colored and geometrically shaped.

Keep the country-style patterns like flowers and gingham in the little details and lean into a more minimalist style in your decor. This will keep you out of the realm of “kitsch” and firmly planted in “chic”.

Have fun decorating in the country house style

Whichever style you choose, whether farmhouse style, Scandinavian style, or mid-century, the key is to have fun with your interior design. Think practicality, mood and personality when you create a space that is as unique as you!

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