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7 organizational ideas for small houses
and small houses

7 organizational ideas for small houses and small houses

The new American dream is about less is more and a return to the simple life. Because of this, many people choose to downsize into small houses or even tiny houses. Whether you are stuck in a small space or opt for a smaller footprint, here are 7 organizational ideas for small homes and tiny houses.


One of the first ideas for small houses and small houses that we have for you is interference suppression. You just can’t keep everything in a small space. Get rid of anything that you do not use regularly and anything that you can live without clothes, shoes, sports and outdoor gear, video games, DVDs or CDs.

Go vertical

If you invest in vertical storage, you can really add a lot of storage to your tiny house and still keep it organized. By hanging some floating shelves or a small bookshelf, some canvas bags and command hooks, you can create a starting area where you can store everything you have to leave in the morning. If you have a green thumb, vertical garden options take up very little space.


If you have a room that serves multiple purposes, try creating different zones by rearranging furniture, using carpets, and hanging storage bags to organize toys. By dividing a room into zones based on activity, you can organize things and make everything look neat.

Multipurpose item

Take a close look at the furniture in your home and swap them out for multipurpose items. An ottoman that doubles as a ceiling shelf, or a wall-mounted folding table that doubles as a desk and laundry fold-up station can help keep things in order.

Use magnetic room screens

A good organizational idea for small houses and small houses is to use magnetic space savers. These magnetic strips or squares are available for a variety of different items, including knives and spice racks. With a little creativity, you can customize this idea with the help of jars with metal lids and magnetic strips.

Swiveling or retractable objects

Use swivel or retractable brackets in the kitchen, bathroom and living room for things like mirrors, towel racks or even tables. Only fold or swing the item out when you need it and put it back on the wall or ceiling when not in use.

Wall units & electronics

Keeping your floor space free will make your area feel bigger and stay organized. It also makes it easier for you Arlington House Cleaning Service for sweeping, wiping or vacuuming, since no furniture has to be moved.

Devices that can be wall-mounted include, for example, a water heater without a tank or a gas heater without a vent. There are even hide-and-seek brackets for your TV, video game console and DVD player. Better still, switch to a projector and screen that pulls down from the ceiling instead of a TV.

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