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How to suppress interference in your bedroom and make it look great

The bedroom is one of the most important areas of our home and one where we start and end the day. That’s why it’s so important to keep everything in your bedroom at bay and keep it as tidy as possible. In this article we look at how you can tidy up your bedroom and create a more comfortable environment.

Many believe that the most important thing is to tidy up your kitchen, or maybe it is the living room that needs more attention. But the reality is that the bedroom is perhaps the most important room in your home. Here you need a clean environment without clutter and unnecessary things so that you can relax and sleep properly.

This is not possible in a messy bedroom. The more things you have piled up in your bedroom and the messier it is, the harder it is to calm down and relax and fall asleep. Fortunately, we can fix this very easily with a few simple cleaning tricks that you can use to clean up your bedroom. Let’s take a look at how you can clean up your bedroom in a few simple steps.

How to suppress interference in your bedroom

Think about how your bedroom should look

Harbor-Island-Plaza-Penthouse-by-McKinlay-Rose-Interiors-LLC How to tidy up your bedroom and make it look great
Image source: McKinlay Rose Interiors, LLC

The first step you should take is to think about the overall design and look of the bedroom. What should the bedroom look like, what is important in your bedroom and which furniture and clothing items are really necessary for your bedroom? This makes it much easier to create an action plan.

Start with your dressers

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Chests of drawers contain your shirts, t-shirts, socks and underwear, but many people are starting to neglect them. And we know they’re so disorganized, which can cause even more stress because we know we need to clean them, but we just don’t have the time or will. This is an important step in suppressing your bedroom.

Now it’s time to start sorting your clothes. Maybe there are some parts that no longer fit you, the socks may not fit together and sort everything according to the seasons. It is recommended to do this at least once a season.

Go on to your bedside tables

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Next, you can clear your bedside tables. These can also be used to store random things that you never need or never used. Sure, they’re useful for keeping things you need every day, like glasses or a reading light. But they must surely contain something that is simply useless and has been around for years. Now is the time to throw these things away and organize your drawers properly.

Get a multi-purpose bedside table

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Maybe you don’t have a chest of drawers or a bedside table and throw your things everywhere. No wonder they get lost and you spend hours looking for things or items of clothing that should be stowed away in a chest of drawers. Well, you can invest in a nice multi-purpose bedside table that ideally has a medium-sized chest of drawers and some drawers to store your most important things.

Have a laundry basket ready

Master Bedroom-Office-Suite-by-The-Good-Home-Interiors-n-Design How to tidy up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: The good home – interior & design

Most often, one of the first steps to debugging your bedroom is to collect your dirty clothes and throw them in your laundry basket. So why not use a basket in your bedroom first, instead of just leaving those clothes lying around in your bedroom and collecting more dust?

Store seasonal clothing in roller boxes

Alternative-Flooring-Wool-Crafty-Diamond-Lasque-by-Alternative-Flooring So you can tidy up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: Alternative flooring

Now it would also be a good idea to get a rolling box or a wooden basket in which you can put all the clothes from every single season. This way you don’t have to keep everything in your chest of drawers.

Use trays to store clutter

Master-Bedroom-by-Casa-Greer How to tidy up your bedroom and make it look great

Image source: Casa Greer

What could make your bedroom look more disorganized are all the little clutter and clothes you rarely use. This includes watches, earrings, jewelry and even books. You can keep them in separate compartments.

Hide your extra pillows

Donny-Osmond-Home-Lanchester-Eastern-King-Storage-Bed-with-solid mahogany-wood-from-HomeClick how to tidy up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: HomeClick

Aren’t you using all the pillows you have in your bedroom and they’re just lying around? Then the best idea is to hide them, and a good hiding place would be under the bed. You can also put them in a bedside table or chest of drawers if you have enough space.

Sort your drawers

One of the most important steps to clear your bedroom is hidden from our eyes, but just as important as the other steps. It may be an invisible change, but one that will make your bedroom much tidier and more satisfying. You can sort your drawers and organize everything well, and you can get a drawer divider for your socks and underwear.

Use tie rods to organize shoes

Break-Studio-by-Pause Designs How to tidy up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: Stop designs

What about the shoes A good idea to use the unused wall space is to buy tie rods and hang them in a corner on the wall to make a very simple but efficient shoe rack.

What about my reading material?

Bedroom-by-Lisa-Borgnes-Giramonti How to tidy up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

An important part of cleaning up the mess in your bedroom is organizing your reading material. First of all, you have to think about which parts of your reading material you need at all, and you can organize it as follows.

Decide which material you really need and consider donating the pieces you have already read.

Sort the magazines you really need and find the parts you find interesting. You can pull it out and use it in the future, and throw away the stuff you don’t need.

If you have books that you are unlikely to ever need, you can throw them away or sell them. Make a stack of these books that you find useful for the future.

If it is a fiction book and you have already read it, you can donate it. If you think the book has value, you can even sell it or keep it to yourself if you have enough space.

Make full use of your bookshelves

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Perhaps you are not using your bookshelves and have unused space there. You can add the books you like there, or you can choose to use a different bookshelf to store all the books. If you don’t need it, throw it away or donate it.

Get a “Maybe Box”

Studio-City-by-JAC-Interiors How to debug your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: JAC Interiors

What is a maybe box? It is simply a box in which you keep all the books and reading materials that you “may” read in the future. You can keep this box in your basement and restore it at any time if you want to read a book or need a piece of the box.

Don’t be afraid to donate

Don’t be greedy and donate books to charity. You won’t use these books anyway, and other people may find them more useful than you, but you can’t afford them. Collect such items in a box and donate them to charity.

Use your space

Lombard-by-SVK-Interior-Design How to tidy up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: SVK interior design

Some things may not fit in your room and you need to organize your room better. For example, you can buy slimmer shelves where you can keep your things. Or you can keep bigger things in other rooms than in your bedroom.

Take care of your bedroom regularly

One of the most important steps is to do it constantly, maybe every week or every two weeks. Clean the room thoroughly and filter it, you will not regret it.

Keep technology away

Small-Space-Solutions-by-DL-ARC-DESIGN-INC How to clean up your bedroom and make it look greatImage source: DL ARCH + DESIGN INC

Technology can also be a kind of mess. So keep them away from your bedroom.

Finishing touches

Take your time for the little details. Hopefully you now know how to clean up your bedroom and make it more comfortable.

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