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How to add high-end chic to a low-end budget

This year we had to find every way to ensure that our future finances are protected. However, this does not mean that the dreams of modernizing the desolate guest room or sprucing up the kitchen need to be put to rest. Instead, you just have to be inventive and find cost-effective ways to update your storage space without making maximum use of the debit card. With that in mind, we’ve put together a number of trends to consider how to adopt them and how to achieve them on a smaller budget.

Ode to Geode

More and more people are tending to spiritually inspired decor with a newly discovered love for crystals, constellations and horoscope-inspired pieces throughout the house. Crystals look like on bookshelves, mantelpieces or on coffee tables, while tapestries and blankets inspired by the horoscope give emphasis to the sofa in the living room or behind the bed.

Consider getting creative and introducing this trend with a little DIY. This clever DIY tutorial is something you can follow on a slow afternoon, leading to stunning crystal-inspired coasters that can be used in your home.

Get noble

According to this helpful home renovation guideThe trend towards classical inspired pieces is making a comeback. Think of decorative busts or decorative trinkets and ornaments that appear vintage on shelves and mantels. Of course, you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on a vintage bust of a historical figure.

Instead, search for decorative items on sales sites such as eBay or contact your local charity when it reopens. If you want to be playful, give these decorations a fun twist by spraying them in a color that matches your current decor. A pink bust on a mantelpiece creates an accessory that, for example, makes guests talk.

The inner garden

For some of us, our addiction to plants for home use seems to be getting out of control. Succulents line the window sills, oversized monsters and palm trees take up whole corners of rooms and baby spider plants spill out of their pots. However, your love of flora can be ahead of the curve as the indoor garden turns out to be a popular trend for 2020. Embrace your love of green and fill your space with life.

Have fun with colored pots or decorative lights and accessories from the branches of your miniature jungle. Watering cans have also been upgraded with stunning designs that you can choose to look great in your home and serve as a standalone decorative accessory. We love this summary stunning watering cans that inspire you to find your own.

Ready to spice up your interior and add high end chic for very low cost. Let yourself be inspired by the above trends and play with them to give your room a certain personality. Have fun and save a few cents at the same time!