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6 Weird Things That Can Lower The Value Of Your Home

You might be surprised to learn about some of the strange factors that can help bring down the value of your home. If you become aware of these factors, you can better address problematic issues so that you can try to make your home more valuable if you ever decide to sell. Here are six strange things that can lower the value of your home.

Living near a hospital

Proximity to a hospital may seem good in terms of the value of your home, but proximity could make your property less desirable. One of the likely reasons for this is the jerky noises made by ambulance sirens, which can make more noise in your neighborhood. It is also known that many hospitals are constantly busy with people walking in and out all the time. This can also make your home a less desirable place to live.

Your address suffix

If you live in a house whose address includes “street”, your property may sell for a cheaper price. Homes whose address names contain addresses with “Boulevard”, “Avenue”, and “Drive” are usually rated higher because these address suffixes often sound more prestigious.

A death at home

If anyone ever has died in your houseYou might have more trouble selling it for high value. Superstitious shoppers often avoid homes that are known to have died. Apart from the obvious morbidity, it is sometimes assumed that homes where deaths have occurred are afflicted. Often times, this proves to be particularly true when murder or suicide has occurred in the home.

Living on a hillside property

Even if your house isn’t on a big hill, yours Properties could lose their value if they are on a hillside plot. Lawn mowing and other gardening tasks are often more difficult to perform on a hillside property. Problems with water runoff and drainage are also more common on slopes. Families with children or people who enjoy outdoor entertainment may also tend to look elsewhere, as sloping plots usually make outdoor activities difficult.

Specific renovations

Renovating your home can definitely add to your property value, but certain renovations can prove detrimental. If you live in a colder climate and want to add a swimming pool on your property, potential buyers may view this as an unnecessary expense as they are unlikely to be able to use it very often. Designing your garden in unusual ways that may not appeal to everyone’s tastes can also lower the value of your home.

A nearby large religious center

Living near a large religious center that is known to attract large numbers of devotees can make your property less valuable. Unless prospective buyers plan on visiting the service center, they likely don’t want to deal with the foot and vehicle influx in your neighborhood. Mega churches in particular are known to be problematic for the real estate values ​​of nearby houses.

These strange factors that often lower home values ​​may not seem so obvious to you, but they can make your property more difficult to sell. If you can’t change any of these factors, you and your real estate agent can try to work together to market your property in a more creative way to attract potential buyers who are more likely to be willing to bid.