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Which Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is best for me?

You may have read a magazine or heard from a friend that the Roomba Robot Cleaner is a lifesaver at home. The truth is that it really is a lifesaver! The robot can be left behind to meet all of your vacuum cleaner needs without you having to operate it. The Roomba Robot Cleaner is smart and efficient. Just turn it on before going to work in the morning. When you come back, you can relax immediately as your house will be clean.

Types of Roomba robot cleaners

So you might be thinking of buying a Roomba Robot Cleaner. Is there only one model or are there many? They currently offer many different models in their online shop from which you can choose:

  • 530 series
  • 560 series
  • Series 564
  • 760 series
  • 770 series
  • Series 780

Comparison of the 500 series of robot cleaners

The vacuum cleanser 530 series (from $ 349), 560 series (from $ 399) and 564 series (from $ 429)

Of these three, users were the most satisfied with 530 and 564, which is a rating of 4.5 over 5 stars. They rated 560 with 4 stars, which is not a bad thing at all. This last Roomba models cannot navigate from one room to another. However, due to its dirt detection ability, it can detect a stained area within its limited area.

These are push button devices with standard filters. They have no full container alarm and apart from the 564 series, which has an AeroVac container type, the other two only have this standard container. Their function of picking up debris has been rated Good, but the 564 series is designed only for cleaning homes with pets. So if you have a dog or cat, get the 564. You can even set the cleaning time for the 564 and 560 every day during the week.

530, 560 and 564 have a docking station and go there when they’re done or when they need to be recharged. They also have a compact wall barrier to prevent them from entering areas outside of the boundaries. 564 is animal centered; It has an invisible field that prompts the cleaner to enter dog bowls so that it is not hit or touched.

How about the 760, 770 and 780 series?

These three are the high-end robot cleaners that cost $ 449, 499, and $ 599, respectively, and offer all of the great features of the 500 series. They all have Pet Cleaning Mode, AeroVac 2 Canister Type, and Dual Hepa Air Filters that capture even the smallest 0.3 micron particles. It has optical sensors that locate dirt even in hard-to-reach places – under the bed and in the cut corners. It even has a bumper function so as not to damage household furniture when cleaning.

They all have an extended battery life of 50% compared to the 500 models and pass many times in a certain area until complete cleanliness is determined. However, the 770 and 780 have an indicator of the full container, so you know when to throw them away. And only 780 has a touchpad control panel function.

Every Roomba robot cleanser is a round and compact device 13.9 in diameter and 3.6 inches in height at less than 15 pounds. Yes, it’s very small and light, but literally does all the dirty work. The iRobot company offers a limited warranty on these robot cleaners, which is also good. The cleaners are also suitable for all types of flooring.

Now that you’ve seen what the different models are like and how they work, have you decided which Roomba Robot Cleaner you want to buy?