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Rustic garden furniture for an inexpensive but artistic garden design

A great way of showing off your affection for country style décor, even in your outdoor space, is through Rustic garden furniture. Your garden is the best place to host events involving a large number of people, and what worse than having no furniture to cater to their needs or to help lay out food and drinks for your guests. They could be anything from coffee table set, dining table or even a bench.Rustic garden furniture  78

If you already own wooden patio furniture, this rustic furniture can be a fun, inexpensive and cohesive way to complete your garden’s country style look. These rustic garden furnitures are usually made of responsibly sourced oak, timber or teak that is allowed to turn to a lovely rustic silver gray color naturally with time. They are then given a clear wash of color treatment to help it maintain its color.Rustic garden furniture  38

These type of furniture require minimal maintenance and are durable and weatherproof given the fact that it’s mostly used for the outdoors. So you need not worry about them rotting away. A sea of size and shape options are available for this furniture, to help you choose according to your spatial and aesthetical requirements of your garden. There are even services available that refurbish your old garden furniture, repurpose scrapped wood from construction sites to such unique furniture and let you customize it with your choice of color of paint. Couple these furniture with colorful flower beds, or planters and a gravel patio, you got yourself a garden that looks right out of a movie shot at the country-side.Rustic garden furniture  64

A garden dining table set lets your family have a pleasant outdoor time while you enjoy your meal, seated all together. These rustic furnitures could either be well defined and designed or designed in a raw, incomplete and rustic way for that added hint of a nomad in your country-style garden.