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The top 4 kitchen and bathroom renovations for the budget-conscious homeowner

A nice bathroom or kitchen can add fantastic functionality to any home. It can also add value to the sale price and even bring a late buyer on the line when selling. How can you resist when you see these quartz countertops? Unfortunately, these types of renovations aren’t always very budget-friendly, so here are some of the smartest kitchen and bathroom renovations for those on a modest budget.

  1. A coat of paint can make a huge difference in any room

It is truly amazing what the right paint job can do to any room in a home. When things are tight, repainting a kitchen or bathroom can really freshen up and make new things up again. It’s also amazing the damage a fresh coat of paint can hide. So if the walls look a little worn, stained, or tired, why not go to the hardware store and buy some paint?

Of course, choosing a great color scheme is also a good idea. Many people prefer modern color combinations like white with black or gray accents but aren’t afraid to get bold if the room allows it and uses colors like teal or burgundy.

  1. Replace the countertops

The countertops in a kitchen are beaten up over time and can make the entire space look really old and worn. By replacing the countertops, it is possible to make a big statement in the kitchen. The good news is that even something as specialized as that Quartz countertops The price has come down and they can often be installed by the homeowner if they come in a kit from a hardware store.

  1. Keep the retro look

The retro look is real these days and for people with an older home this can be a great renovation tip. Many bathrooms and kitchens still have features from the ’70s and’ 80s, and if they’re in good condition, all they may need is a little tidying up and a good clean to shine again.

For example, why not keep the brown tiles from the seventies in the kitchen around the sink, but replace the worn areas and add new lights? Many of these features have a great retro look and there is not always a need to pull them out and ditch them in favor of modern home renovation solutions when the budget does not allow it.

  1. Work with a contractor

Many homeowners would prefer to save money and do the renovations themselves, but this is not always possible. Some jobs require a skill level that is above the skill level of the homeowner. In these cases, it is a good idea to simply split the work with a qualified contractor.

For example, hiring a contractor to install tiles and drywall and doing the rest of the renovation in-house can save you a lot of money. It may take a little more time and labor, but the savings could be worth it.