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Luxury gift ideas for new homeowners

Excitement surrounds new homeowners. They cannot help but look back on their trip to their own home. And they can’t wait to share their joy. So if you are invited to attend the celebration, you will find it difficult not to feel dizzy. Your thoughts are probably going straight to “What should I get you?” Are you going for one 24K rose symbolize the strength of this new step? Do you get something small and do you match the minimalist look? How are you?

If you can’t decide what should work for your loved ones, here are some gift ideas. Not only are they luxurious, but they also meet the needs of homeowners:

Picture Frame

With the advent of technology, people have relied on their devices to remember those happy moments. While this works, it doesn’t have the personal touch of a framed and pulled-up image that is visible to all. If you have a friend who loves to collect photos and create beautiful frames out of them, get them a beautiful frame. And since you want a luxurious gift, how about one from a talented designer?

Jewelry box

Is your friend always looking for a lost earring, bracelet or other piece of jewelry? You can help them keep track of their belongings by getting them a nice jewelry box. Fortunately, there are plenty of finishes to choose from. If you had a small picture of the house (thanks to social media updates and so on), get a box that fits the topic. Or you could go with a shade that you know you will love.

Scented candles

What is the first thing you notice about a house unconsciously? For most people, it’s the smell. When a house smells good, everything fits together. But where the air smells bad, people find it difficult to appreciate even the most beautiful works of art. So getting a scented candle for the homeowner would be an ideal gift. You can use them to entertain guests, enjoy late night dinners, or other special events. Plus, there are tons of subtle designs on the market to make sure the gift isn’t a thorn in the side.

If the concept of candles feels exaggerated to you, how about a diffuser? This beauty releases mist into the air again and again and creates a flow of sweet scents throughout the house.


While this is a risky decision if you don’t know much about home decor, it is the gift you keep giving. If you do it right, your pillow will have a place in the heart of the house. A pillow not only exudes luxury, but also contributes to the homely atmosphere of the house.

You can bundle the pillow with sheets and towels to make the space cozy. Here’s a tip: go for patterns. If you can get patterned designs, even more handmade, you’ve found the entrance.


It may seem like a cliché to show up with flowers during a housewarming party, but it works. It’s simple and will make the hosts smile if it’s well thought out. Get flowers that work with tons of decors and those that don’t take a lot of work. Finally, try to simplify the move and add no more work to the process.

Think of things that homeowners would appreciate. Maybe you like a well-stocked bar; Perhaps they are only interested in entertaining guests. Familiarize yourself with their preferences and you will surely get the right gift. All the best!