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The pros and cons of a new bathroom

A bathroom is an essential part of any home. Sure, you don’t spend as much time there as you do in the bedroom or living room, but that doesn’t make it any less important. For one, you need the amenities inside to perform basic body functions.

In the bathroom, you can also put your game face on and prepare for the day’s challenges. This is also where you can decompress and wash away the worries of the day. And you don’t need the pressure of someone yelling at you to rush to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, if you live with multiple people in a house with a bathroom, this is the likely scenario. If you are tired of living like this, it may be time to add a new bathroom to the house. Before you make the decision, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider.


Adding a new bathroom takes time, energy and money. And if you work in the house, you should expect disruptions in your daily routine. However, with an extra bathroom at home, you can enjoy these benefits too.

photo-1521783593447-5702b9bfd267 The pros and cons of adding a new bathroom

An additional bathroom Added value for your home. When it comes to bathrooms, two or more are always better than one. Sure, an extra bathroom might not be as alluring or luxurious as a new kitchen, loft, or extra patio, but don’t underestimate the value an extra bathroom can add to your home.

According to modification magazineAn extra bathroom could add an average of $ 23,283 in value to your home. Luxury bathroom additions can add up to $ 46,507. In addition, home buyers, especially families, would rather buy a house with an additional bathroom than build one themselves, as building a house requires time and resources (which they may not be able to save).

You don’t have to alternate with a single bathroom. If you have a large family with children in the house, an additional bathroom is a necessity. Most elementary and secondary schools start from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so the kids get ready at the same time.

Imagine the early morning fight over the bathroom when you only have one in the house. And if you work between nine and five, you’ll either have to wake up earlier or hurry through your morning routine – not a good start to the day. An additional bathroom saves time so that not everyone has to rush.

An additional bathroom offers more privacy. A bathroom is a private space where you keep things that you might not want others to see. Guests can ask to use your bathroom and you can’t guarantee they won’t snoop around or accidentally see something they shouldn’t have. If you are adding an extra bathroom in a public area of ​​the house, you don’t have to let guests into your private domain.

Some people who are particularly interested in hygiene and hygiene may also prefer not to share their bathroom with other people whose personal hygiene practices are unknown.


In addition to the advantages of an additional bathroom, there are also the disadvantages. Before deciding to add one, you should carefully consider these disadvantages to ensure that you are ready for what is involved.

Building a new bathroom is expensive. A bathroom remodeling can cost between $ 9,600 and $ 11,000says the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Building a new bathroom costs a lot more. The 2017 data from modification The magazine estimates the average at $ 43,232 for a mid-range bathroom and $ 81,515 for an upscale bathroom.

The costs can be higher or lower if you take into account the material and labor costs compared to two years ago. You have to invest at least that much to build a new bathroom.

An extra bathroom adds to the cost of your utility bills. An additional bathroom means another shower, bathtub and a tap, which increases the water consumption in the house. A bathroom also needs lighting fixtures and a fan, so expect your electricity bill to go up. There are also additional costs for heating.

The increase in electricity bills is not a one-off. From then on, you’ll need to adjust your monthly budget so you are financially prepared before deciding to add a new bathroom at home.

While you still have to pay more for electricity usage, you can reduce the spike by choosing water-saving and energy-saving fixtures in your new bathroom. For example, instead of using an old toilet, consider using a water-saving type such as the Saniflo flush toiletwhich used only 1.0 to 1.3 gallons per flush compared to the old standard of 4.0 to 7.0 gallons.

You can also save a lot by choosing low-flow shower heads and taps, as well as energy-saving LED lights and appliances.

An additional bathroom means more space for care. The bathroom is where you clean yourself. During your self-cleaning, the chaos will carry over to your bathroom. And it’s your responsibility to clarify that.

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most dreaded things that every homeowner must do. And with two bathrooms, you have twice as much to worry about. Cleaning the bathroom takes a lot of time, energy and products. An extra bathroom means more work for you unless you have someone to help you out.

The bottom line

photo-1545060894-bd408b72adf5 The pros and cons of adding a new bathroom

Adding an additional bathroom has advantages and disadvantages. The cost of the contract (more than $ 40,000) is not negligible, but your investment will pay off if you decide to sell your home.

An extra bathroom also means you will spend more on your utility bills and maintenance, but you and your family can also enjoy stress-free mornings, especially school days and work days. In the end, it all depends on you, the homeowner, whether the benefits of an additional bathroom outweigh the disadvantages.