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Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansion

Having a big beautiful house isn’t exclusive to kings. Today we have a little crazy ideas about what a mansion is, but the reality is that many people can have one of the most modern luxury homes. From there it will only be a matter of decorating our mansion.

Let’s give a little context. Many people think that a mansion is a house of large dimensions with a typical Renaissance design. However, some experts point out that a mansion is simply a big house based on the origin of the word.

What is the size for a building to be a mansion? The consensus is that between 5,000 and 8,000 square feet (550 to 700 square meters) or more. It is also common in the villas to have large green areas on which sports equipment such as tennis courts or swimming pools can be built.

Decorating this entire room can be an odyssey. The interior of our manor house is strongly influenced by the architectural style of the building. If the architecture follows a Victorian movement, we shouldn’t be using rustic furniture.

For this reason, we’ve put together a selection of villa tips and pictures to give you an idea of ​​the best sets you can use.

Determine certain zones according to their possible use

Madison-Park-Mansion-by-Seattle-Staged-for-Sale-and-Design-LLC Fantastic tips and pictures for decorating a mansion interiorImage source: Seattle Staged For Sale And Design LLC

The decoration must correspond to the use we are going to give the rooms. The seats are an example of this. We can see under the luxurious interiors that they are arranged in such a way that we can engage in activities without interrupting the passage, such as going to the beach. B. Playing the piano or not. We don’t see them anywhere when it comes to large dance halls.

Think about what you enjoy doing and determine which rooms you need. It doesn’t matter whether we are looking for a quiet space to read a good book or a room for parties. The first is to know what we’re going to do with our space and then determine what furniture and lighting it needs.

Give your living room a warm welcome in the villa

Classic-Coastal-Colonial-Renovation-the-Anti-McMansion-by-Michael-Robert-Construction Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansion
Image source: Michael Robert Construction

The living room of every house has a clear function: to serve as a receipt for our visitors. This space should be inviting and, in the case of the villas, impressive.

The standard distribution of furniture in a mansion is on the sides, leaving a large central space in which we can create focal points using elements such as fireplaces.

We will decorate with large counters, curtains made of expensive fabrics, comfortable seats, and expensive-looking artwork. We will look for those that match the architectural style of the room.

Another important aspect of the manor’s living room is the daylight through large windows. These usually serve as doors to patios through which we can see the front gardens.

The choice of materials for construction and decoration is important. If we are looking for a classic floor, we use stone or wood for the coating. On the other hand, if the style is more modern, carpet upholstery is our option, especially as it can help us to visually separate open spaces by changing colors.

From the curtains to the pillows, everything should be made of high quality materials. We can use patterns with shades of gold and white, which are always good choices for our mansion.

The monochrome colors are the choice of the modern mansion

The-Water-Tower-by-1st-Option Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: 1st option

If you’ve seen modern villa designs, you may have noticed that the use of color is rather limited. Our mansion interior can stand out enormously through the correct handling of contrasts.

The idea is simple. First we choose a color that we like for all of our home, and then we consider what patterns we want to combine (black or white combine with everything so that either of these two colors can be our secondary color).

We simply use stronger or softer tones for selected colors, depending on which room we are decorating. For example, the use of light tones is recommended for the bedrooms, while we can use something stronger for the kitchen. Remember to use the secondary color to create patterns that will add dynamism to the design.

No mansion interior is finished without carpets

30,000-square-foot-house-18-million-by-Teri-Fotheringham-Photography Fantastic tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Teri Fotheringham Photography

As we said earlier, by using carpets, we can create areas where they do not physically exist. A modern mansion interior uses this resource, especially in the dining and kitchen room. With the help of carpets, we visually delimit the dining room by allowing us to place different furniture on each carpet, and they don’t collide because we have already created the department.

The architectural details open up a world of possibilities

Golden-Square-Mile-Mansion-Montreal-by-David-Giral-Photography Fantastic tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: David Giral Photography

As long as we haven’t installed moldings or panels, we can define spaces at an architectural level by adding details to the wall or floor. For example, we can install cladding (a kind of wall covering) to separate rooms where the wall color is the same.

Divide the rooms with the furniture

Parkgate-House-by-Banda-Property Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Banda property

When we have large open spaces that we want to share, furniture is an option. Large shelves or bookcases can help us create departments as if they were walls. If we’re looking for more discreet alternatives, we can use long tables.

Remember that there are certain norms that are the same between rooms, e.g. B. not to place the furniture so close to the walls or to place chairs in such a way that conversation areas arise.

A mansion without antiques is not a mansion

French-chateau-kitchen-with-antique-island-skylights-wood-mill-fridge-by-Miller-plus-Miller-architectural-photography Fantastic tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Miller + Miller architectural photography

The luxurious houses, especially Parisian-style houses, are greatly enhanced by the use of antiques in the sets. Any objects reminiscent of the 15th to 18th centuries will serve to create a touch of luxury.

The good thing about antiques is that they can be used in any room in the mansion so our investment is guaranteed.

Glassware is the most impressive note

Naples-by-SunCoast-Iron-Doors Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: SunCoast iron doors

Nothing like a gigantic candelabra that adorns our room or a stained glass window of colossal dimensions. The chandeliers should be placed in rooms with high ceilings so that they can be installed properly. It is common to see them in kitchens, party rooms, or dining rooms.

An alternative to the large chandeliers, especially in the corridors, are the wall lamps. These save us space at the tables and because of their nature we can decorate them as we wish. There are many types of wall lamps on the market, or we can order them with patterns engraved on the glass as we wish.

The stained glass windows can be built into almost any wall, but it is always recommended that they have adequate light so that their design is visible.

The greatest luxury can be seen in the curtains

Southern-Orange-County-Homes-of-Finally-Real Estate-Photography-n-Video Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Finally real estate photography & video

A cascade of gold, or at least in a fabric that simulates it. The curtains are basic elements of decorating the interior of the manor house. The longer the better; We can make large amounts of wrinkles with the fabric, as if it were a sea. For a better look, silk is the best material we can use.

Do not limit the use of curtains to windows. Use them on large furniture like bunk beds too.

You don’t have to be moody with works of art

Biddulph Mansions by Ardesia Design Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Ardesia design

Many people are very demanding with the paintings hanging on the walls to the point that they prefer to leave them naked for a very long time. While we get the pictures that take our breath away, it’s good to fill the walls with cheaper pieces of our taste.

The important thing is to take the first step in our collection, and then we’ll add new works without realizing it.

Do not hide your jewelry or cutlery sets

Instead of hiding small gifts, ornaments, or cutlery sets, get shelves where you can find them for display. Using them with large French doors will solve a storage problem while also effortlessly improving the interior of your villa.

Create focus points with stunning artwork

Mansion-Master-Seating-Area-by-Maraya-Interior-Design Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Maraya interior design

A room full of small works of art must have a piece that is larger than the others. A great photo, a statue, any product that attracts attention. If you want a piece to be the center of attention, surround it with other small arts and that way guarantee the center point where you want it.

If you don’t want to conflict with size, you can also try another type of contrast, such as B. a black and white picture surrounded by colored colors.

Fabrics are a smart option for decorating walls

In contrast to frames or molded parts, fabrics are easy to apply and transport. We will only look for a pattern that we like and we will use it as scarves for our decoration. If at any point we need to remove them, either to move them off a site or to save them, these are not a problem as it is enough to roll them up and that’s it.

Remember to think green

Atwater-Village-Colorful-MidCentury-Bungalow-von-Taylor-n-Taylor Great tips and pictures for decorating a mansionImage source: Taylor + Taylor

All of the previous decorations are fine, but they are lifeless. Remember to add plants at a certain interval, at least one or two pots per room. They can be traditional or hanging, and we could even create walls with grapevine.

The only thing we have to consider is not to use a lot of plants in a small space as they can be harmful to health. We must also handle them carefully.

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