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Types of Exterior Lighting You Need to Know

Light can bring the coziness and the special atmosphere not just to your home. Exterior lighting will highlight the architecture and the landscape. Before choosing the type of exterior lighting, make sure you know about their main features.

Types of exterior lighting (landscape lighting, outdoor wall and hanging lights)

The first type is outdoor wall lighting. It includes wall lanterns and sconces that make the whole house look brighter and cozier. An interesting idea is to mount wall sconces in pairs above the patio, or exterior windows. Besides, you can install a single wall lantern.

As for the landscape lighting, you may use small spotlight and ell lights.They illuminate flowers, plants, and different architectural features. Pendants and hanging lanterns illuminate the front door, a porch, etc. There are so lights of this type. They vary in size, color, material, and other characteristics.

Types of exterior lighting (post lanterns, cove lighting, flood lights)

Post lanterns look very nice around patios and backyards. Cove lighting is used for highlighting different zones: sidewalks, driveways, paths, signs, etc. Flood lights provide your house with the maximum security and safety. These lights cover a large territory. Lanterns and torches make the atmosphere romantic. Outdoor ceiling lights work well in entryways, and porches. As for the deck and step lights, they are used to illuminate walkways, driveways, etc.

Lighting is one of the important elements of coziness, as it provides us with safety, security, and comfort. Analyze features of different exterior lighting types to find the best one.