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Glass Lamp Shade buying tips

Once you have decided to go for a glass lamp shade, there are few things that you need o inspect visually. Below mentioned are few tips that will help you in buying a perfect glass lamp shade.

Don’t go with a forgiving nature. You are going to spend money and you need perfection. If you are unable to get the perfection, no need to waste the money. You must look for the cracks. You can use a magnifier for this purpose as well. You must also look at it from different angles.

Run the fingers:

Run your fingers across the surface. It will help you in determining the sharpness or irregularity in the glass shade.


You must check for the flaws in the glass. There can be many flaws. Some of manufacturing flaws can’t be neglected. You must make sure that there is no flaw in the shade.

Maker Mark:

There is always a mark of maker in the glass lamp shade. You must look for it. If the mark is not there, it means that it is manufactured by some low class company and is not original. You must make sure that there is mark as it will tell you that the lamp is genuine and is manufactured some a reputed company.


The last thing is the price. You must check the price and make sure that it is affordable. If the shopper or seller is asking too much, no need to buy it as you will be able to get in any price range you want.