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Unique bathroom flooring ideas

Here are few bathroom flooring ideas which can give you some good chunks of advices and opinions. You can use them as guidelines for planning your bathroom flooring. Some of the bathroom flooring ideas includes limestone flooring, marble flooring, vintage style flooring, oak plank flooring, radiant heat flooring and hardwood flooring.

There are numerous other bathroom flooring ideas also. When choosing flooring keep in mind that flooring offers sufficient resistant to water and stains. Marble for example which was once the sign of class and richness is a poor water resistant material. Being soft in nature it absorbs good amount of water impairing flooring. Furthermore it is also susceptible to stains caused by toilet cleaning agents and other product which we use in washroom.

Limestone is also used for flooring it is available in diverse colors ranging from white to black. If you have given white theme to your bathroom then oak plank flooring gives you the optimum combination with it. It equally complements neutral colors. If you have installed fancy vanity lights and chandeliers in washroom along with other royal sanitary fittings and accessories try to use faint tiles for flooring. A delicate pattern of tiles not only gives a wide appearance but also draws the attention to lavish items.

Be precise about size of tile when choosing porcelain or other tiles for flooring. Cuts and sizes have the ability to add space to area. Mismatched tiles with area would tarnish the glorifying effect of flooring and give it a diminishing effect.