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Window dressings : dress up your windows!

Every window in your house needs a perfect and elegant draping. The draperies can be Roman shade, simple or fancy fabric which should ideally complement the window perfectly.A window dressing is much more than just a window covering with a cloth and thereafter you must think about it. There are different kind of style, patterns shades etc. available to dress the window of a house. The perfect and elegant window dressing no doubt will increase the functionality and style of the window as well as the house.Window dressings 69

Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, shutters are some of the examples adopted for window dressing. All these examples provide common benefit i.e. privacy to the home occupants. It controls light, insulates and adds up style to the house décor. Any type of dressing or a combination can be used to get the desired effect for the window. In a rustic dining room, window casings painted in Fine Arts also adds to the countryside beauty of the house.Window dressings 03

The right window dressings can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the house. Here are some of the ideas for an elegant and classy window dressing:

  1. Curtains with contrasting trim: Hang the curtains with some bold contrasting trim modeled after a naval uniform. In addition to this, home owners can also plan to keep the pattern of the rug and sofa in a similar wayWindow dressings 38
  2. Swing arm curtains: Specially designed for the living room or master bedroom, these swing arm curtains bring a touch of colonial style home
  3. Soft and neutral look draperies look really classy and make the room like a cozy cocoon.
  4. Dressy print curtains: Dressy curtains with good prints with no much shine are also a good option. This can be completed with a framed portrait hanging between the windows of the room.