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The varieties of futon Mattresses

A wide choice of futon mattresses are available and are not just limited to the 100% cotton designs of mattresses that came initially. The cotton futon mattresses are the least comfortable and inexpensive ones which can only last for a shorter span of time due to compaction and sagging. Thus they would need more maintenance to make them last longer and are also very heavy and difficult to handle.

But there are more varieties and modern designs of futon mattresses in the market today such as:

Cotton and Polyester Futon Mattresses:

This variety of foam mattress made of polyester makes the futon more firm and increases the strength and durability. They can reduce the sagging up to some extent and hence can last longer.

Cotton and Foam Futon Mattresses:

Various types of foam futon mattresses such as the cotton and layering foam mattresses, split density mattresses are available that can reduce the sagging and reduction of the weight of the futons.

Cotton and Wool Futon Mattresses: this type of futon mattress made of wool creates more cushion that makes the futon mattress soft and comfortable. Sag and compaction is significantly reduced as well with the use of wool and breathability is increased.

Inner Spring Futon Mattresses: these types of mattresses are the most expensive type of futon mattresses as they provide the best comfort. Though they are extremely comfortable, they are have limitations such less fold-ability when converting into sofa and increased weight which makes it difficult to handle.