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Find custom window treatments

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It is importnat to test every treatment to your window that can beautify the room. There are limitless ideas and indefinite scope to treat your window in a unique way. Add shutters, curtains, droppers and much more to décor your window without interrupting the flow of air. Keep the plants ...

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Bamboo Window Shades for an elegant window

Bamboo Window Shades  54

The curtains and window shades can change a room and give it a totally extraordinary feel. Bamboo wooden shades give your home new identity Bamboo window shades can be installed in bedrooms, kitchen, guest rooms and drawing rooms. Choice of bamboo shades depends on kind of space you have. There ...

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Window dressings : dress up your windows!

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Every window in your house needs a perfect and elegant draping. The draperies can be Roman shade, simple or fancy fabric which should ideally complement the window perfectly.A window dressing is much more than just a window covering with a cloth and thereafter you must think about it. There are ...

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