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Baby cribs – choose the best for your baby

Baby cribs are bed for toddler’s up to the age of 24 months. It is important to pay attention to the safety of the baby when buying a crib. Always buy a new baby crib and check its construction. Ensure that the manufacturer has adhered to the safety standards when manufacturing the crib. It is also important to buy proper mattress and sheets to provide maximum comfort to the baby. Babies sleep is very important for their development physically as well as mentally. A baby can sleep well only if the crib is comfort and provides a cozy feeling to the baby.

Types of baby cribs

Standard cribs: Standard cribs have four sides that are fixed. They come in different styles. Standard cribs are simple and long lasting. They are the cheapest type of cribs for the babies.

Convertible cribs: Convertible cribs are suitable for growing babies. They can be converted into either one of these – toddler beds, standard cribs, single or twin beds or day bed.

Portable cribs: These are light weight beds and are easy to carry. They can be folded and can be easily moved. These cribs have wheels to move the crib from one place in the house to another.

Travel cribs: They are like bags that can be converted into cribs. These are light weight, easy to carry, quickly to set up and can also be carried in a plane. These are very portable and suitable for travelling.

Multipurpose crib: They may have another piece of furniture attached to the crib. A small cabinet to store all baby products handy is an example.